Ch. Russet Leather Red Thunder of Fenwick JH

Owners: Dot Hively & Allison Edwards,
Fenwick Vizslas
DNA #v
OFA - vz-10454f31m-pi
Dot and Allison describe Beau perfectly, when they wrote the following:
"Beau is the epitome of everything that makes the vizsla the incredible breed that it is: handsome, energetic and magnificent in both the field and the show ring.  When you look at his majestic headset, he is mesmerizing in his beauty.  It is his personality, though, that is extraordinary, even for this breed.  From the very first day he came bounding into our home, Beau was full of joy.  He gleefully allows Emma, Morgan and Shelby to poke him, to jump on him, to sleep on him and to pull him around with their toys.  He is the true Velcro dog, never leaving your side.  He begins and ends each day with a million licks and kisses.
Although Beau is from one of the longest champion vizsla breeding lines, he is one-in-a-million to us!"
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Beau-Beau and his b-e-a-u-tiful head.
Baby Beau in the Specials Ring