Ch. Gold Run's Token of Rumor JH NAJ NF

Owners: Colleen Meacham,
Adara Vizslas & Susan Sibley, HRQ Vizslas
DNA #v428823
OFA vz-9310e24f
CERF/Thyroid/vWF - Normal
Gabby is often the life of the party and when Gabby's around, life is ALWAYS a party.  Gabby doesn't live life on the edge, but rather over it.  She has earned a multitude of nicknames such as Gabalicious and The Gabinator, which reflect her drive and curiosity.  She keeps you laughing and on your toes - jumping, spinning, chirping and always living for the moment.  A Champion and Junior Hunter, Gabby's first passion is agility and she has been making great strides as a Frisbee dog as well.  Gabby will continue with her lifes adventures after her puppies.

Owe'n & Gabby Puppies
Whelped: June 24, 2007
1 Big Fat Boy . . .
* FLASH - Dylan debuts at 6 months and earns a 4-Point-MAJOR! *

This breeding was repeated but sadly Gabby succumed to a uterine infection and was spayed.  It makes Baby Dylan that much more special as he is Gabby's
"sole survivor."

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