Hannah finished the 2006 Show year ranking #11 in Vizslas Defeated and #12 in Dogs Defeated.


Sunday, December 10, 2006 - It's a Rozie Repeat for Winners Bitch and Rudy takes Best of Winners at the Forsyth Kennel Club show.

Saturday, December 9, 2006 - Rozie is awarded Winners Bitch at the Forsyth Kennel Club show.


Saturday, November 25, 2006
Old Dominion Vizsla Club Specialty Show features Tivoliz Winners!
Arrow is awarded Best in Sweepstakes & Winners Dog (with his brother Riley taking Reserve)
Ben earned Best of Opposite Sex
Owe'n recieved an Award of Merit (Thank you Jenna!)
Siren won the Field Trial Bitch class and makes the cut with the remaining specials (Thank you Melissa!)

Saturday, November 18, 2006
Vizsla Club of the Carolinas Supported Entry Successes!
It's a one/two punch for Tivoliz Vizslas.  Hannah wins Best of Breed and nephew Owe'n struts away with Best of Opposite Sex Honors.

Sunday, November 12, 2006
- Hannah has a repeat Best of Breed win on the second day of the Furniture City Kennel Club show.

Saturday, November 11, 2006
- Hannah takes Best of Breed and is rewarded with a GROUP TWO at the Furniture City Kennel Club show.


Sunday, October 29, 2006 - Hannah finishes out the month of October with a Best of Breed win at the Bronx County Kennel Club show over six specials vieing for the win.

Saturday, October 28, 2006 -
The Queensboro Kennel Club cancels their show so Hannah tours Manhattan with her trusty side kick and friend, Kayla, along with their chauffeurs and owners, Melissa & Jason.

Friday, October 27, 2006 -
Hannah & Melissa take another Breed win at the Queensboro Kennel Club show.

Sunday, October 22, 2006 -
Introducting NEW JUNIOR HUNTER - Szep's Light of Linganore, JH.  Lukacs (Jaeger/Maxie) completes his title at the WCWDCA Hunt Test handled by his owner, Scott.  HUGE CONGRATS to Scott on his second Junior Hunter in two days!

Conestoga Vizsla Club Specialty Show (in Conjunction with the National Specialty)
Ribbons, Ribbons, Ribbons!
Hannah & her owner Melissa shine and earn this FIRST AWARD OF MERIT from a contingency of over 175 vizslas, including more than 60 Specials in contention.  This is Hannah's second Specialty of 2006 that she has been awarded first "runner up," along with her Specialty Best of Breed and Best of Opposite Sex wins.
Q WINS the 9-12 Month Bitch Class.
Arrow WINS the Am. Bred Class.
Rudy takes Second in the Bred By Exhibitor Class.
Riley takes Second in the 9-12 Month Dog Class.

Saturday, October 21, 2006
- Proudly introducing NEW JUNIOR HUNTER Tivoliz CC Lily of Linganore, JH. Rozie Grier finishes her Junior Hunter Title and her "brother" Lukacs (Jaeger/Maxie) earns his third leg at the WCWDCA Hunt Test. 

Vizsla Club of America National Events
(Thursday, October 19-Saturday, October 21, 2006)

Ribbons, Ribbons, Ribbons!
Owen & Hannah each make a cut in the Best of Breed ring.
Love Bugs
Rudy & Arrow WIN the Brace Class Competition.
Arrow WINS the Am. Bred Class.
Riley takes Second in 9-12 Month Dogs and Second Sweepstakes 9-12 Month Dogs.
Q takes Second in 9-12 Month Bitches and Third in Sweepstakes in 9-12 Month Bitches.
Ben takes a Fourth in Stud Dog and his son Colton earns an Award of Merit!
Splash (Jaeger/Terra) earns two "Qs" - Qualifying for her first two obedience legs - one in Novice A and another in Rally!

Saturday, October 14, 2006 -
Hannah takes Best of Breed at the Catonsville Kennel Club show.  Rozie earns her third leg toward her Junior Hunter title at the MDGSPC Hunt Test!

Sunday, October 1, 2006
- Hannah finishes up the weekend on the Wine Country Circuit with a Best of Breed and a GROUP FOUR placement.  Puppy Q takes on Carson City Kennel Club show again, this time with a Best of Breed win from the classes over several specials.

Saturday, September 30, 2006 - Hannah takes Best of Breed at the Kanadasaga Kennel Club.  Q returns to the ring at the Carson City Kennel Club show and takes a Winners Bitch Win!

Sunday, September 11, 2006
Vizsla Club of Greater New York Specialty Show - Westchester Kennel Club
Huge Congratulations to Hannah the Banana and her Owner/Handler Melissa.  Under the carefully discerning eye of Breeder/Judge Barbara Hannum (Ankerdale Vizslas), the pair could not be denied.  Getting the nod for the Specialty Best of Breed win with an entry of over 100 vizslas including 29 Specials, Hannah and Melissa continued on to take home a SPORTING GROUP TWO at one of the most prestigious shows in the Country.  As the Breeder and occasional handler of Miss Hannah, I could not be more proud of how she was presented by Melissa; they looked BEAUTIFUL together!
Arrow takes Reserve Winners Dog from the Bred By Exhibitor class.
Bristow Jones (Superstar) is swept away again, this time with a Best of Opposite in Sweepstakes over a 32 vizsla entry.

Saturday, September 10, 2006
Northern New Jersey Vizsla Club Specialty Show  - Somerset Kennel Club
Brisztow Jones (Superstar) sweeps away the morning with a Best in Sweepstakes WIN over an entry of 33 puppies. 
In other news,
Tiszta (Jaeger/Maxie) is a NEW JUNIOR HUNTER.  Now known as Ch. Szep Krystaly Tiszta CD, JH, she continues her endeaver to become an alphabet dog,  Congrats to breeder/owner/handler Deb Johnson (Szep Vizslas).

Monday, September 4, 2006
- Hannah takes Best of Breed and makes the cut in the Sporting Group at the Raleigh Kennel Club show.

Saturday, September 2, 2006 - Hannah wins Best of Breed at the Durham Kennel Club show.

Friday, September 1, 2006 - Rudy takes Winners Dog/Best of Winners and . . . Best of Breed from the classes at the Alamance Kennel Club show.

AUGUST, 2006

Sunday, August 27, 2006 - Hannah sweeps the weekend with another Best of Breed win.  This was a nice weekend for the Banana Baby, with back-to-back wins against very notable dogs in contention, including multiple top ten specials and several best in specialty show winners.  Thank you to owner Melissa for letting me twirl Hannah around the ring; it was thrilling to get the nod among such a worthy group in competition.

Saturday, August 26, 2006 -
Hannah takes Best of Breed and makes the cut in the Group.

Saturday, August 12, 2006
- Polo has a repeat performance, this time going Winners Dog for his second MAJOR WIN at the Carolina Kennel Club show.

Friday, August 11, 2006 - Polo takes Winners Dog and Rozie takes Winners Bitches/Best of Winners for two points each at the Danville Kennel Club show.

Vizsla Club of Central New England Specialty Show
Sunday, August, 6, 2006 - Erin's Babies Honor their Mother.
Kona makes his ring debut at 6 months old this weekend and earns Best of Opposite in Sweepstakes and Reserve Winners Dog!
Hannah is awarded Best of Opposite Sex.

JULY, 2006
Saturday, July 22, 2006 - Q takes Reserve Winners Bitch and Best Puppy at the Canadian National Specialty Show.  Thank you to breeder/judge Pluis Davern for recognizing this little girl.

Sunday, July 16, 2006
- Q and Sue win again, taking Winners Bitch for two more points at the Del Monte Kennel Club show.

Saturday, July 15, 2006 -
MORE SPECIALTY SUCCESS For the Love Bugs! Q takes Winners Bitch/Best of Winners for a MAJOR win at the Lone Cypress Vizsla Club Specialty Show.  Q continued on in the Best Puppy competition and after defeating a group of 16 Sporting dogs in contention, Q gaited her way to a Best Puppy in Show! Congratulations to Owner/Handler Susan Sibley with her "Q-ute" six month old girl and thank yous go to Breed Judge Chuck Trotter for seriously considering her for the Best of Breed win, Group Judge Eva Berg and Best Puppy in Show Judge Dana Cline.

Saturday, July 8, 2006 -
Arrow takes his first Major, going Winners Dog/Best of Winners for FOUR POINTS under noted judge Anne Rodgers Clark.  His sister Q also had a debut weekend, with a Reserve Winners showing to the Five Point Major.

Thursday, July 6, 2006
- Arrow joins the Love Bug success, going Winners Dog at the Catoctin Kennel Club show for his two points.

Sunday, July 2, 2006
Conestoga Vizsla Club Supported Entry
Brisztow Jones takes Best of Opposite Sex in Puppy Sweepstakes.
Rudy debuts and goes Reserve Winners Dog under Breeder/Judge Richard Hilderman.

Saturday, July 1, 2006 
Conestoga Vizsla Club Specialty Successes!
Hannah takes the First Award of Merit (and was joined at the podium by her housemate and cousin Kayla, who earned the second AOM).  This is the third year in a row that an Erin offspring has taken honors at this Specialty.
Riley, after taking a test run through the ring last weekend, earned Winners Dog for a Four Point Major at just six months and 8 days age.  Our appreciation to Kathy Rust for being as excited about this success at I am!

JUNE, 2006
Saturday, June 17, 2006
Maimi Valley Vizsla Club Success
Owe'n wins again, this time going Winners Dog for his Fourth Major and to finish his Championship title.  Thank you to judge Paula Nykiel and Owe'n's many fans and supporters.  He is now foundly referred to as Champion Little "O-Dog".

Sunday, June 11, 2006
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club Supported Entry
Owe'n - Repeats as Best Junior in Sweepstakes under Breeder/Judge Susan Potocik, Cinnabar Vizslas
Tiszta (Jaeger/Maxie) - Repeats as Highest Scoring Vizsla is Trial with a 193 1/2 and First Place in Novice B.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club Specialty Successes
Owe'n - Takes Best Junior in Sweepstakes under Breeder/Judge Suzanne Gray, Dirigo Vizslas
Tizsta (Jaeger/Maxie)- Earns Highest Scoring Vizsla in Trial, with a 193 and a Second Place in Novice B to finish her Companion Dog title! Congratulations to Breeder/Owner/Handler Deb Johnson, Szep Vizslas.
Ben's son Colton - Takes Best of Opposite Sex under an enormous field of competitors - a large entry of top winning dogs and handlers.  Congratulations to Breeder/Owner/Handler Peggy Schmidt, Titan Vizslas.

Friday, June 2, 2006
- "Q" makes her practice debut in the show ring at the Pasadena Puppy Match and "moves" her way to a Sporting Group Win as well as a Movement Group 2 (against 25 or so dogs of all breed competition!)

MAY, 2006
Sunday, May 28, 2006 - Bliss earns her first leg towards her Senior Hunter title!  Congratulations to her trainer/owner/handler Lisa on this wonderful accomplishment on their first Senior try.  I am so proud of you both! 

Sunday, May 21, 2006 - Introducting NEW CHAMPION - Ch. Szerenade Special Wave RyderRyder finished his Championship going Winners Dog for that final point.  Congratulations to Breeder Erica Nicholson (Szerenade Vizslas) on her fourth champion from her litter sired by Jaeger.  Much thanks and gratitude to Ryder's family for their wonderful care of this little dog and letting him come out to "play" on the occasional weekend.

Sunday, May 14, 2006 -
Hannah & Melissa do it again, winning Best of Breed at the Lancaster Kennel Club show.

Saturday, May 6, 2006
- Hannah & Melissa take Best of Breed at the prestegious Bucks Kennel Club show and break into the Top Twenty in Breed Points!

Click Here to see a Hannah photo from yet another big win.

April, 2006

Sunday, April 23, 2006 - After a long haitus from the show ring, Ryder returns to take Winners Dog at the Baltimore County Kennel Club for a MAJOR WIN!  Thank you to the Palmer Family for their big support of this little dog.  Go Ryder-Roooo!

Saturday, April 22, 2006
- Hannah continues her winning ways, this time in the hunting test venue.  "Team Hannah" earns another leg towards her Junior Hunter title!

Friday, April 14, 2006 -
Hannah wins Best of Breed over an entry of nearly 50 vizslas with 13 specials in competition during the Blue & Gray Cluster.  Handled by her capable owner Melissa, the two went on to make the cut down to 6 from 26 in a 500 dog Sporting Group.  They also made the local news! 

Click here to see Hannah's photo from her big win!

Sunday, April 2, 2006
- Tivoliz Vizslas proudly introduces yet another NEW JUNIOR HUNTER!  Tivoliz CC Freelancer, JH.  Brisztow Jones earned her title today with her fourth conesecutive pass.  Congrats are in order for owner/handler Karen.  Gooo Brisztow Jones - Super Dog!  In other news, Tiszta (Jaeger/Maxie) qualifies for a second leg towards her Companion Dog title.

Saturday, April 1, 2006 - No joking today!  Proudly introducing NEW JUNIOR HUNTER!  Tivoliz CC Joint Venture, JH,  Owe'n finished his last leg of his first title.  Go little "O".  He was joined by his sister Brisztow Jones, who also had hunting test success, earning her third leg.  Jaeger's daughter Tiszta (Jaeger/Maxie) made the news as well, earning the first leg towards her Companion Dog title, with a score of 194 in Novice B.  Congratulations to breeder/owner/handler Deb Johnson on her success with this lovely girl!

March, 2006
Sunday, March 26, 2006 - Brisztow Jones makes it THREE IN A ROW on the Tar Heel Circuit, earning Winners Bitch yet again for her third major in three days time! Ben hunts his way to another Junior Hunter pass!

Saturday, March 25, 2006
- Brisztow Jones brings home the purple, with Winners Bitch/Best of Winners/Best of Opposite for a FOUR POINT MAJOR at the Raleigh Kennel Club show.  Later in the day she brings home the orange, earning another leg towards her Junior Hunter title at the Tidewater Brittany Club hunting test!

Friday, March 24, 2006
- Polo takes Winners Dog and Brisztow Jones takes Winners Bitch/Best of Winners earning them both MAJORS at the Durham Kennel Club show.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006
- Brisztow Jones earns her first points by going Winners Bitch/Best of Opposite at the Danville Kennel Club show.

Sunday, March 19, 2006 -
Siblings Owe'n, Rozie & Brisztow all earned qualifying legs toward their Junior Hunter title.  They are joined by Rozie's "brother" Lukacs (Jaeger/Maxie), who also has hunting test success.  Congrats to owner/handlers Scott & Karen on a great job!

Saturday, March 18, 2006 -
Owe'n & his sister Rozie each earn a leg towards their Junior Hunter title.

Sunday, March 5, 2006 -
Owe'n takes Winners Dog/Best of Winners/Best of Opposite Sex for another FIVE POINT MAJOR at the Maryland Sporting Dog show under Breeder/Judge Walter Somerfelt.  Introducing NEW CHAMPION - Ch. Szep Szringavera. Ginger (Jaeger/Maxie) takes Winners Bitch/Best of Winners at the Three River Kennel Club of Missouri for another FOUR POINT MAJOR to finish her Championship.

Friday, March 3, 2006

Gateway Vizsla Club Specialty Show SUCCESS!
- Winners Dog/Best of Winners for a FOUR POINT MAJOR.
Ginger (Jaeger/Maxie) - Winners Bitch for a FOUR POINT MAJOR
Rozie - Reserve Winners Bitch to the Four Point Major.

February, 2006

Sunday, February 19, 2006
- Introducting NEW CHAMPION - Ch. Szerenade's Paavo Arrany, JH. Paavo finished his Championship going Winners Dog for a MAJOR WIN at the Maryland Kennel Club show. Owe'n also has a "productive" day, finding some birds and earning his first leg towards his Junior Hunter title.  Thanks and appreciation continue for his grandmother, trainer, handler and friend, Peggy Schmidt.

Thursday, February 16, 2006 -
Erin's son Ben is a dad again.  The BenAJens have arrived!  Introducing James, Ellie and Heather.

Friday, February 10, 200
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club Specialty Show
son Colton earned his fourth Best in Sweepstakes (Grand Sweepstakes Winner) under Breeder/Judge Pam Shaw.

January, 2006

Friday, January 13, 200
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club Supported Entry SUCCESS!
makes the first headline of the year, taking Winners Dog for a FIVE-POINT MAJOR from the 6-9 month puppy class.  Many thanks to his grandma Peggy for participating in the "Joint Venture" and handling Owe'n to this nice win.
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