What's News in 2009

Tivoliz next generation made their presence known in 2009.  There was much to look forward to and the dogs didn't let us down. Harlow debuted in the show ring earning 3 Spcialty Majors and 3 Best in Sweepstakes, Skoda earned a Five Point Major and McCoy earned his second Specialty Major goign Best of Winners at the Vizsla Club of America's National Events. Owe'n's kids also continued showing off Owe'n recieved recognition for a Top Producing Sire this year.


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Saturday, November 21 - Bowie (Owe'n/Briseis) closes out the Dream Season with a Best of Winners ribbon on day two of the Golden Valley Kennel Club show.

Friday, November 20 - 
Owe'n repeats as a Best of Breed winner at the Northeastern Maryland Kennel Club show.  Owe'n's son Bowie puts another point in the WIN column with his Winners award at the Golden Valley Kennel Club show.

Thursday, November 19 -
Owe'n twirls around the ring and wins Best of Breed at the National Capital Kennel Club show.

Friday, November 14 -
Rudy rocks the Excellent Jumpers course with a qualifying run and a THIRD PLACE.

Sunday, November 8 -
Rudy is an agile MACH-ine!  Qualifying in Novice Fast to finish yet *another* title, Rudy earns his first Double-Q, and another qualifying run each towards his MX and MXJ titles, with a FIRST PLACE in Jumpers and a SECOND PLACE in Standard.  Way to go Ch. Tivoliz NOW Be Mine AX AXJ NF.

Saturday, November 7 -
As the Dream Team's first season draws to a close, Renegade (Owe'n/Briseis) is still playing for the three-pete and is half-way to his goal as he takes Winner Dog at the Southern Colorado Kennel Club show.

Sunday, November 1 -
Hannah *finally* rids herself of the Bloomsburg curse by winning Best of Breed and a cut in the Group at the Back Mountain Kennel Club Show.

Saturday, October 31 - Renegade (Owe'n/Briseis) is catching up with his Dream Teammates with another Best of Winners for two more points at the Sporting Dog Fanciers of New Mexico show.

Vizsla Club of America National Events
Monday, October 26-Friday, October 30)
McCoy - WINNERS DOG/BEST OF WINNERS/FIRST in 12-18 Months (over 160 class entrants)
Skoda - FIRST in Bred By and FIRST in 15-18 Sweepstakes
Harlow - THIRD in Bred By and FIRST in 15-18 Sweepstakes
Siren - THIRD in 8-10 Veteran Bitch
Jaeger - SECOND in Veteran Sweepstakes (12 years and over)
Owe'n & Hannah & Rocky (Owe'n/Kayla) - Earn "I Made The Cut" pins
Rudy - FIRST and Qualifying in Novice Fast (Agility)
Splash (Jaeger/Terra) - FIRST and Qualifying in Open Standard and Open Jumpers (Agility) for *Two New Titles*, THIRD and Qualifying with a 98 in Novice B (Rally) and FOURTH and Qualifing wiht a 192 in Novice B (Obedience).  She is now Ch Szerenade's Grand Debut JH OA OAJ NF.

Sunday, October 25 - Owe'n wins another Best of Breed at the Middleburg Kennel Club show.

Saturday, October 24 -
Don't just call her Kona - call her CHAMPION Kona.  Taking Winners Bitch for her THIRD MAJOR at the magnificient Middleburg Kennel Club show, Kona (Owe'n/Ginger) is now known as Champion Szep-N-Tivoliz Call Me Kona.  With his win, Kona pushes both her Daddy Owe'n and her Mommie Ginger (Jaeger/Maxie) over the threshold for Top Producer status.

Sunday, October 18 -
With the Championship in his sights, Bowie (Owe'n/Briseis) has "Dream Team" form and scores a Best of Breed win from the classes at the prestigeous Del Valle Kennel Club show.  Across the rings, Q moves on up and comes away with a Qualifying run and THIRD PLACE in her debut in Excellent Jumpers with Weaves.

Saturday, October 17 -
Q is back in action: Qualifying, Placing (SECOND) and, what else a New Title in Open Jumpers.  She is now Ch. Tivoliz Now Pay Attention RN CD SH NA OAJ VC.

Friday, October 16 -
Rocky (Owe'n/Kayla) wins Best of Breed at the Glouster County Kennel Club.

Saturday, October 10 -
Its a Day of Remembrance for Erin, her beloved owner Pat and her wonderful breeder, Carol Vola, as all the top placements were awarded to Erin's descendants at the Catonsville Kennel Club show; a wonderful reminder of the legacy they left behind. Hannah returns to the ring for a warm up round and wins Best of Breed, Owe'n was selected for Best of Opposite and Laila (Owe'n/Kayla) and Kona (Owe'n/Ginger) won Best of Winners and Reserve Winners respectively.  Thank you to Judge Jim Martin for making such a memorable family moment.

Friday, October 9 -
Kona (Owe'n/Ginger) grabs another two points with her Best of Winners performance at the Catonsville Kennel Club show.

Saturday, October 3
- Hot in pursuit of the three-peat for the Dream Team, Bowie (Owe'n/Briseis) grabs the Best of Winners & Best of Opposite ribbons at the Donner Trail Kennel Club show.

Sunday, September 27 - Nothin' but net for Owe'n's son Whiskey (Owe'n/Briseis), who whisks away another WIN for the Dream Team and SCORES another CHAMPIONSHIP Victory for the Dream Team!  Congratulations to new Champion Red Diamond Dream on the Rocks. Rudy rides AGAIN, qualifying with a THIRD PLACE in Excellent Standard 24".

Saturday, September 26 - 
Rudy Repeats, this time Q'ing a SECOND PLACE in Excellent Standard 24".

Friday, September 25 -
Rudy Rules!  With another warm-up weekend heading into the National Events, The Roo grabs  "Q"ualifying run and FOURTH PLACE in Excellent Jumpers 24".

Sunday, September 20 -
Owe'n avoids a knock ow't and represents the Vizsla in the Sporting Group following his Best of Breed win in Kimberton, Pa.

Sunday, September 13 -
Owe'n leads his kids by example with his Best of Breed award at the Berks County Kennel Club show and shares the day with his daughter Kona (Owe'n/Ginger), who was Winners Bitch yet again.  Not to be out done by his dad, Rocky (Owe'n/Kayla) "knocked ow't" his own Breed win and followed it up with a GROUP FOUR placement at the Moore County Kennel Club show under Judge Bob Slay.

Saturday, September 12 -
Owe'n's kids tag team across the country.  Kona (Owe'n/Ginger) inches closer to her title by going Winners at the Lehigh Valley Kennel Club show while Whiskey (Owe'n/Briseis) pursues another Championship for the Dream Team with his Best of Winners award, placing two more points in the win column at the Sir Francis Drake Kennel Club show.

Sunday, September 6 -
Whiskey splits the double-header by going Best of Winners on the second day at the Redwood Empire Kennel Club shows.  Rudy and Polo continue their successes at the USDAA trial.  Rudy had FIRST PLACE finishes in Advanced Jumpers, Standard and Gamblers and earned his Advanced Jumpers title! He again teamed up with his brother Polo for another SECOND PLACE in Pairs/Relay.  Polo also came away with a qualifying SECOND PLACE run in Gamblers.

Saturday, September 5
Vizsla Club of Northern New Jersey Specialty Show - Judge Anne Bolus
Owe'n was proud to represent the moderate male and strikes another "win" for the breed standard.
Harlow - Winners Bitch from the Bred By Exhibitor Class
"Barely" making it into the ring, The Lo was a team effort in todays events.  Thank you to team members Karen Lake and Jenna Iacobellis for escorting Lo in the ring when I could not, to Melissa & Rachel for the applause, and always to Kathy for her continued support.
Skoda - Reserve Winners Dog and First in Bred By Exhibitor Class
Regal and elegant, Skoda is as handsome as he is sweet and his next win is . . . just around the corner.

Trails End Vizsla Club Specialty Show - Breeder/Judge Evelyn Hilbert
Taking time out from her field and agility events, Q shows she's still got "IT" in the show ring too.

Rudy and Polo *Labor* at the first agility trial of the season.  Rudy qualified in Advanced Jumpers with a FIRST PLACE run and then teamed up with his brother Polo in Pairs/Relay and earned a SECOND PLACE finish!

Thursday, September 3
Big Apple Sporting Society
Skoda - Best in Sweepstakes

AUGUST, 2009
Sunday, August 30 - Whiskey (Owe'n/Briseis) keeps the Dream Team on top at day two of the Gold Contry Kennel Club show.

Saturday, August 29 -
Bowie (Owe'n/Briseis) is Winners Dog at the Gold Country Kennel Club show.

Friday, August 28 -
Kona (Owe'n/Ginger) repeats at the Bluegrass Cluster with another WIN!

Thursday, August 27 -
Kona (Owe'n/Ginger) comes out of hiding to take Best of Winners at the Bluegrass Cluster.

Sunday, August 23 -
Bowie (Owe'n/Briseis) grabs another win for the *DREAM Team* at the Mensona Kennel Club show.

Saturday, August 22 -
Its another TKO for the Rockstar (Owe'n/Kayla), who wins Best of Breed and at the Mid-Susquehanna Velley Kennel Club show as well as another Junior Showmanship class placement for "his" teenager.

Friday, August 21
- SWOOSH! The Dream Team makes it a REALITY!  Dream'a (Owe'n/Briseis) takes to the court and works her "Magic," leading her team to victory and another Winners Bitch award, to score the final points necessary to grab the teams first Championship.  Congratulations to the Dream Team organizers Michelle Rochester & Erin Piercy along with Head Coach Briseis on Champion Red Diamond's Dream'a Little Dream.

Thursday, August 20 -
The Dream Team stays in the headlines with power forward Dream'a (Owe'n/Briseis), who racks up another Best of Winners and FOUR POINTS for her THIRD MAJOR WIN of the season awared by none other than Vizsla Breeder/Judge Dr. Bud McGivern, Bowcot Kennels.

Sunday, August 16 -
Renegade (Owe'n/Briseis) and his owner Lena debut in Open Intermediate and they take THIRD PLACE from among ten in competition on day two at the Greeley Kennel Club show.

Saturday, August 15 -
Owe'n's kids REP-RE-SENT!  On the East Coast, Rocky (Owe'n/Kayla) gave a one-two knock-out punch to the competition.  On day one of the Talbot Kennel Club show, Rocky won Best of Breed with his mom Rachel and then teamed up with his teenage-mom Ania for a BEST JUNIOR win, their first in All-Breed competition. But wait, there's more!  Dream Team member Renegade (Owe'n/Briseis) took his game to a new division.  Teaming up with a teenager of his own, Renegade makes a FOUR-POINT *MAJOR* play by going Best of Winners and then proves to be a team player in the Juniors ring, getting the assist stat as Lena earns her third FIRST PLACE in Novice Intermediate.

Sunday, August 9 -
Super Cooper plays the lottery and hits the jackpot.  Showing only one day on the circuit, Cooper goes Best of Winners for his THIRD MAJOR and his Championship Title!  Proudly introducing Champion Szep-N-Tivoliz Puttin' On The Ritz.  Thank you to the noted Judge Tom Bradley for the nod to Bred By that put Cooper over the top.

Friday, August 7 -
Owe'n earns another Best of Breed win, this time at the Penn Ridge Kennel Club show.  

Sunday, August 2
- Neither rain nor snow nor heat nor gloom of night will keep Hannah from the swift competition of the dog shows and after winning the breed at the Hunterdon Hills Kennel Club show, Hannah goes "postal" and swims her way around the ring and on to a GROUP THREE!  Her niece Georgie (Owe'n/Kayla) goes Best of Winners to add another point to her mailbag too!

JULY, 2009

Sunday, July 26 - Jack, Just Jack, returns to the scene of the crime and, for the third consecutive day, goes Winners Dog for a Back-to-Back-to-Back FIVE-POINT-MAJOR weekend and his Championship Title.  Introducing New Champion Tivoliz Colosseum Contender!

Saturday, July 25
- Jack, Just Jack, just DOES IT AGAIN and goes Best of Winners for his second points, *another* FIVE-POINT-MAJOR at the Spartanburg Kennel Club show.

Friday, July 24
- Jack, Just Jack shows like a seasoned Special and takes Best of Winners for his first points, a FIVE-POINT-MAJOR at the Spartanburg Kennel Club show.

Thursday, July 23
Vizsla Club of the Carolinas Specialty Show - Judge Lee Canalizo
Hannah - FIRST Award of Merit
Harlow - Winners Bitch & Best in Sweepstakes & Best Bred By Exhibitor in Specialty
Jack - FIRST in Bred By Exhibitor Dog

Saturday, July 11 -
Dare to Dream!  Once again, the Dream Team shows how deep their roster is with talent and ability as member Bowie (Owe'n/Briseis) comes off the bench to make a MAJOR play at the Lone Cypress Vizsla Club Specialty Show by going Best of Winners for FOUR POINTS!

Sunday, July 5 -
Owe'n is wow'n 'em and makes a "two fer" of his own.  From among a sea of 9 specials, Owe'n is acknowledged with his second Best of Breed in as many shows at the National Capital Kennel Club show.  

Independence Day -
Rudy takes a victory lap around the Excellent Jumpers course and celebrates with a FIRST PLACE Qualifying run!

Friday, July 3 -
In the wake of yesterday's successes, Owe'n's son Cooper follows stride and grabs a MAJOR WIN of his own going Best of Winners at the Northeastern Maryland Kennel Club show.  Thank you to Judge Terry DePietro for her lavish praise of this young dog and her noteworthy patience for what we hope will be a great photo.  On the Southern side, Rudy Roo continues in his alphabet endeavors, this time Qualifying with a THIRD PLACE in Excellent Jumpers to his AXJ title.  He is now Ch Rudy AX AXJ!

Thursday, July 2
- Owe'n makes a rare breed ring appearance and is rewarded with a Best of Breed win at the Catoctin Kennel Club show.  And introducing NEW CHAMPION Baxter!  Owe'n's son Baxter earned his THIRD MAJOR going Best of Winners to complete his title, earning all of his points from the Bred-By-Exhibitor class.  It was a very nice father and son moment.

JUNE, 2009
Sunday, June 28 - Q is back again, this time with TWO more runs for TWO more Q's for TWO more placements - a FIRST PLACE in Open Standard and a THIRD PLACE in Open Jumpers.

Saturday, June 27
- Q returns to the agility arena and goes TWO for TWO for TWO:  Two Runs, Two Q's and Two SECOND PLACES.

Saturday, June 13
The Turn of the Century! 
Hannah hits 100 Best of Breed wins at the North Shore Kennel Club show.  Congratulations to her owner Melissa Green and a big THANK YOU to Judge Marion Lyons, who was proud to share the honor that put Hannah over the top.

Miami Valley Vizsla Club Supported Entry - Judge Col. Jonathan Chase
Owe'n - Best of Opposite Sex
Skoda - Best of Winners
McCoy - Reserve Winners Dog
Harlow - Best of Opposite Sex in Sweepstakes and Reserve Winners Bitch

Friday, June 12
Miami Valley Vizsla Club Specialty Show - Judge James Brown
Harlow - Best of Winners
After her "grand" weekend in Connecticut, Harlow puts her first points on the board by grabbing a Four-Point Major from the Bred-By-Exhibitor Class.  Many thanks to Sarah Congleton for presenting Harlow in the Breed ring for Best of Winners.

Sunday, June 7
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club Supported Entry - Breeder/Judge: Britt Jung, Brittania Vizslas
McCoy - Best of Winners
Despite his sweepstakes antics, McCoy got his act together in the classes and McDoes It Again for another MAJOR WIN. Many thanks to Sarah Barr for presenting McCoy in the Best of Breed class.

Saturday, June 6
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club Specialty Show
Harlow - Grand Sweepstakes Winner/Best Junior in Sweepstakes - Judge Sarah Barr, Derby Vizslas
Harlow is honored to be the recipient of The Logan and Nedda Memorial Traveling Trophy.  We welome them to our home.  Always love and forever remembered . . . .

Friday, June 5
Vizsla Club of Greater New York Supported Entry - Breeder/Judge: Diane Shearer, Legacy Vizslas
Hannah - Best of Breed and a GROUP THREE!
Hannah and Melissa team up on opening day of "Greenwich" weekend and are flattered with not only a competitive breed win but futher recognition in the group ring from such a strong field of contenders.

MAY, 2009
Sunday, May 31 - Rocky continues his Rock-Star ways and is awarded Best of Breed at the Charlottesville-Albemarle Kennel Club show.  Rudy rocks out in Agility, with a FIRST PLACE Qualifying run in Excellent A Jumpers.  And last but not least, Q rallies her way to yet another title by finishing her Rally Novice title.  She is now known as Ch. Tivoliz NOW Pay Attention CD RN SH NA NAJ!

Monday, May 25 -
Whiskey (Owe'n/Briseis) "memorializes" the weekend with his Best of Winners award, sweeping the points in the classes and pulling his stats into double digits.

Sunday, May 24 -
Whiskey (Owe'n/Briseis) is hot-hot-hot on the court and continues the winning streak for the Dream Team with another Best of Winners shot.

Saturday, May 23 -
Rudy starts the holiday by jumping, weaving and gambling at the USDAA trial, earning the big "Q" in Advanced Jumpers (FIRST PLACE), Starters Standard (SECOND PLACE) and Starters Gamblers (FIRST PLACE).  In sunny CA, Dream-mates (Owe'n/Briseis) Whiskey and Dream'a sweep the boards adding another Winners Dog and Winners Bitch to the seasons win column.

Sunday, May 17 -
The Tivoliz-Captivatin collaboration TAKES OVER as Team Rocky (Owe'n/Kayla) is awarded his third consecutive Best of Breed and his "older" sister Laila takes Winners in the classes at the Mattaponi Kennel Club show.

Saturday, May 16 -
The Captivatin Crew is cookin' with a family visit to Tivoilz as Hannah grabs a Breed win at the Mattaponi Kennel Club show.  Owe'n's daughter Dream'a vies for this season's MVP as she puts more stats on the board with another THREE POINT play.

Sunday, May 3
- The Southern Gents have more tag team success on the agility course with two more Qualifying performances.  Rudy Roo jumps himself to a SECOND PLACE for an insurance leg and Polo Pup earns a FOURTH PLACE and his Open Jumpers TITLE!  Congratulations to Gary & Rudy and Janet & Polo on such great teamwork. 

Saturday, May 2
- It's a family affair as team Southern Gents earn Qualifying runs in Open Jumpers and FIRST PLACE winner Rudy changes his name for the second time in two weeks with his Open Jumpers title.  Georgie's (Owe'n/Kayla) return to the ring is met with Best of Winners success at the Buck County Kennel Club show.

APRIL, 2009
Sunday, April 26 - Rocky (Owe'n/Kayla) knocks out another GROUP PLACEMENT at the Chesapeake Virginia Dog Fanciers Ass'n show.  Ryder (Owe'n/Briseis) adds more points and another WINNERS DOG to the Dream Team's score sheet at the Gavilan Kennel Club show..

Saturday, April 25 -
Rock Star Rocky (Owe'n/Kayla) knocks the socks off the judges at the Chesapeake Virgnia Dog Fanciers Ass'n show and earns his first GROUP PLACEMENT.  In California, Ryder (Owe'n/Briseis) comes off the bench for the Dream Team and keeps the dream season alive by posting his first stats to the board with his WINNERS DOG award at the Gavilan Kennel Club show.

Sunday, April 19 -
Rudy cruises to yet another title.  Along with his teammate Gary, the duo earns another leg in Excellent Standard for Rudy's Excellent Standard Title.  True to tradition, Rudy has another FIRST PLACE Qualifying performance. Go Rudy Roo!

Easter Sunday, April 12 -
An Eggcelent Easter in a "MAJOR" way!  Cooper (Owe'n/Ginger) captures a MAJOR WIN at the Mason & Dixon Kennel Club show in the East.  Later in the day, his "sister" Dream'a (Owe'n/Briseis) grabs a MAJOR of her own at the Sacramento Kennel Club.

Saturday, April 11
- At the notable Harrisburg Kennel Club show, home-town girl Hannah wins Best of Breed, and is honored to be the vizsla representative in the Sporting Group for Animal Planet's nationally televised production to air in July.  She even made mention in the Patriot-News!  It was an honor to have long-time vizsla breeder Diane Shearer, Legacy Vizslas, select Hannah from among a large entry of competitive specials.

MARCH, 2009
Sunday, March 22 - Team Rudy repeated their performance with another Qualifying FIRST PLACE run in Excellent Standard.

Saturday, March 21 -
Hannah shows up at the New Brunswick Kennel Club show to add another Best of Breed win to her tally.  Down south, Rudy & Gary debut in Excellent Standard with a lightning fast FIRST PLACE Qualifying performance.  WOW!

Friday, March 20 -
With Ryder sidelined with an injury and a new surface on the court, Dream'a came off the bench, changed her game up, and made the necessary accomodations to her shot to put more points on the score board for the Dream Team.  Down south the agility season is underway and Rudy Roo is back in this news with a Qualifying run in Open Jumpers with his habitual FIRST PLACE style.

Friday, March 13 -
Staying close to home, Hannah is honored to capture the win under Breeder/Judge Dr. Bud McGivern in the Best of Breed Bowl . . . and is proud to take home a GROUP FOUR placement on behalf of the Fighting Irish!

Sunday, March 1
- In like a lion, Hannah does a one day "drive-by" at the Maryland Sporting Dog show and steals a Best of Breed win . . . along with her mommie's lunch.


Sunday, February 22
- Polo steals the spotlight at the USDAA trial, qualifying in the Starters Standard course and taking a FIRST PLACE in Starters Gamblers!

Saturday, February 21 -
The Southern Gents run in Jumpers at a USDAA agility trial to warm up in coooold weather and both boys were smokin' hot.  They qualify with First Place WINS - Polo in Starter Jumpers and Rudy in Advanced Jumpers!

Thursday, February 19 -
Henna and her Dad show that practice makes *almost* perfect and come home with a new Canine Good Citizen award.

Monday, Febuary 16
- Whiskey keeps the Dream Team on track for a winning season at the Santa Clara Kennel Club show. In his third ring appearance, Whiskey drops back from the paint and scores another MAJOR from THREE-POINT territory! Congratulations to the Dream Team.

Sunday, February 8
Long Island Vizsla Club Specialty Show- Judge Linda More
Hannah - Award of Merit
Hannah continues to shine and we are honored that she is once again a top selection from a line up of such lovely vizslas from around the Country.

Saturday, February 7
Vizsla Club of Greater New York Specialty Show- Judge Sue Goldberg
Three generations of Tivoliz dogs received 3 of the Top 4 honors at one of the largest vizsla shows of the year.
Hannah - Best of Breed
From among a total entry approaching 90 vizslas, numerous top ten dogs, Specialty Winners, and Best In Show recipients, Hannah stood out today as simply The BEST.  Under the guiding hands of her owner Melissa, Hannah was beautifully presented to her FOURTH Best In Specialty Show award . . . .  We are all thankful that Hannah is with us today - and that is what matters the most.
Owe'n - Best of Opposite Sex
Owe'n once again rose to the occasion and shows that he is THE TOP DOG at this Westminster Weekend Event.  This little dog followed up his outstanding Award of Merit performance from the preceeding day to join his Aunt Hannah on the podium for the next highest accolade.  Owe'n is also the proud father of 15-month-old Rocky, who made two cuts in the Best of Breed ring!
McCoy - Winners Dog
McCoy, aka McLovin', Brings Sexy Back to the winners circle.  Undefeated in his class for the weekend, the McWinner earns Winners Dog for his first MAJOR WIN from the 9-12 month puppy dog class.
Giving his "older" brother McCoy a run for his money, Skoda won a sizeable Bred By Exhibitor Class for a second time and gave a great performance in the winners circle.  Look out McCoy, he'll be back!

Friday, February 6
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club Specialty Show - Judge Judith Goodin
Owe'n - Award of Merit
From a Specials entry comprised of nearly 30 Champions with about 10 Specialty Winners, Owe'n was one of three to receive a top honor at todays Specialty Event.
Harlow - Reserve Winners Bitch
Harlow toured the ring again, WINNING the Bred By Exhibitor Class and continuing on to Reserve Winners Bitch.
Harlow - Grand Sweepstakes Winner/Best Puppy in Sweepstakes - Judge Peter Green
After her debut warm up, Harlow caught the eye and the heart of the world renouned and esteemed Judge Peter Green.  It is a true honor and compliment to have Judge Green select her as the Grand Sweepstakes winner from a group of 27 of her beautiful peers.

Thursday, February 5
Big Apple Sporting Society
Harlow - Best of Opposite Sex in Sweepstakes
Harlow's show debut led to a top sweepstakes award and she went on to WIN the Bred By Exhibitor Class as well.  For her first venture into the ring, I was so pleased with my little girl.


Saturday, January 31 - She's BACK!  In her first venture into the ring since December, Hannah takes an emotional lap to the Best of Breed win at the Boardwalk Shows. In the practice arena, Harlow makes a trek of her own and is rewarded a GROUP TWO at the Catoctin Puppy Match.

Saturday, January 24 -
Whiskey takes to the court for The Dream Team's season opener.  Pulling off a HUGE upset, 6-month-old forward Whiskey (Owe'n/Briseis) rocks the house - or in this case the Cow Palace - and is the first team member to put points on the board.  With his staggering shot from the top of the key, Whiskey scores his first win, bringing home a Best of Breed win over 4 specials for a FOUR POINT MAJOR!

Saturday, January 17 -
Baxter makes it two for two for two - two wins in two days for two more points - on day two of the Carroll Kennel Club show.

Friday, January 16 -
Our first shows of the year!  Baxter has the finish line in sight as he inches closer to his title with his Winners Dog award at the Carroll Kennel Club show.  His "Auntie" Echo makes her debut and, with a very nice showing for this 7 month old puppy, follows his stride and goes Winners Bitch.  A HUGE thank you to everyone who helped take these kids back in the ring for the Breed competition.

Sunday, January 11
- Rocky (Owe'n/Kayla) is the first to break ice in the New Years' wins column with his first stateside Best of Breed ribbon at the Chesapeake Kennel Club of Maryland show.  Congratulations to 14-month old Rocky and his owner/handler Rachel.  Sometimes "just playing around" can lead to some nice successes!