Tivoliz Vizsla Puppies
"Breeding is an art, a science, an act of optimism and a lesson in faith and determination."
Tivoliz Vizslas
~ Superior in Breed-Type ~ Sound in Temperament ~
~ Strong in Health ~ Outstanding as Producers ~

Tivoliz Vizslas has been recognized as a Breeder of Merit by the American Kennel Club (AKC), which celebrates breeders who are committed to improving their breed through health testing and selective breeding, as well as proving their breed through achievements in the show ring . . . .  Being a successful breeder takes years of hard work, vision, and a willingness to the right thing.  Breeds of Merit [should] have these qualities and deserve to be recognized.

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Puppies in 2013
"Pick the Litter, Not the Puppy"

Tivoliz has not bred a litter since 2010. We anticipate our next litter will be by Harlow or Teller.

To see past litters or those our boys have sired, please check out the PROGENY's PAGE.

We are flattered that other responsible breeders have asked to use our boys in their breeding programs.
Tivoliz boys will continue to be bred selectively.

KiTu will be siring his first litter

There are several Spring/Summer litters planned in the area. 
Contact me for additional information and referrals at

Do not be surprised if there is a wait to adopt a well-bred vizsla from a reputable breeder. 
Investing in the life of a companion is worth it
A 4-6 month wait is *typical* as reputable breeders generally have one litter (or LESS) a year.
Breeders who "always seem to have puppies" begin to resemble a business. *BE CAUTIOUS*
M-BISS GCh Tivoliz CC Joint Venture JH ROM and M-BISS GCh Tivoliz CPR CRK One and Only JH TDI
*The Making of March Madness*