Siren's First Litter
"The Ides"
Sire: DC AFC Bayview's Treasured Odinn, MH
: March 15, 2004
1 Boy & 4 Girls
Tivoliz Treasured Inspiration, JH
DNA Profile #V320151

Portia, like her name, is a "Treasured Inspiration" but she is also a "wild child"!  A beautiful girl with tons of spunk, Portia has a face you can't help but adore.
Tivoliz Most Inspired
f/k/a Teeny Tinee Toni (with an "i")

Introducing Tivoliz Most Inspired a.k.a. Aris (short for Aristades, "the Just").  She lives in Buford, Georgia, with proud owners Victoria & Jamie, and two-legged siblings, Payton & Cade. 
Is that a sweet face or what?
Tivoliz Fiery Inspiration
f/k/a Brutus

Tivoliz Fiery Inspiration, a.k.a. Aiden (Gaelic for "fiery").  Like his dad, Aiden was the only boy born in the litter.  He is destined for the bird field and is already practicing his pheasant retrieves.
Tivoliz Inspired Bliss, SH
NAVHDA Natural Ability Prize II
f/k/a Cassi

Tivoliz Inspired Bliss, or just plain Bliss, is anything but plain!  Not only pretty but this girl has one stylish point. 
Bliss lives in New Jersey with two dobermans and a vizsla-mix but she is clearly the "Angel" of the family.
Tivoliz Inspired Wisdom
f/k/a Cleo

Tivoliz Inspired Wisdom, a.k.a. Sofie (Greek for "wisdom or wise").  The apple of our eye!  This girl is something else.  While it was quite hard for me to part with her, she went to a great family.  Destined to be a "daddy's girl,"
I found her two that will give her only the best in life.
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