McCOY'S GIRLFRIEND: Apple's Orchard
Ch. Rosewood's Rotten To The Core

Owners: Sandra Smith,
Rosewood Vizslas
Loved by: Resa and Ron Eason
DNA #v
CHIC - 58240
OFA vz-11368g39f-vpi
CERF - vz-838
Thyroid - vz341/thy29f-vpi
Cardiac - vz-ca171/30f/C-pi

McCoy & Apple Puppies
Whelped September 22, 2010
The Orchard consists of 5 Boys & 4 Girl

Apple's Orchard have all been adopted and are now known as:

Rosewood's Forbidden Fruit - Neva (Geneva)
Rosewood's Think Outside The Box - MacIntosh
Rosewood's How Ya Like Them Apples - Cortland

Rosewood's Ruby Gold - Ruby
Rosewood's Appeeling To My Hart - Keeper
Rosewood's Player in the Pack - Rugby

Rosewood's Apple of my Eye - Koda
Rosewood's Red Delicious Rome - Roman
Rosewood's ??? - Blossom

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