Ch. Tivoliz CC Freelancer, JH
"Brisztow Jones"

Owners: Karen Spinney & Deborah Lynn Stern
CHIC #46324
OFA   vz-10326e24f-pi
CERF  vz-794
Thyroid  th232/249f-pi
DNA Profile  #v378661
Brisztow was known as "Jones" in the Fearsome Foursome litter and she kept the surname, going by "Brisztow Jones" in her professional life.  When leaving for the Big Apple as a little pupster, who knew what a big impression she would make!!  Along with her show and field successes, Brisztow is infamous for her blog, the Urban Mutt, with which shares stories of her travels and tails.  Brisztow is a sweet, adoring and spoiled girl - just as every vizsla should be.

Brisztow's Special Successes
Championship with 4 Major Wins
Best of Opposite Sex in Sweepstakes - Vizsla Club of Greater New York (2006)
Best in Sweepstakes - Northern New Jersey Vizsla Club (2006)
Best of Opposite Sex in Sweepstakes - Conestoga Vizsla Club Specialty Show (2006)

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Brisztow Jones: A "do-it-all" dog!