Erin's Second Litter (2004)
Whelped: July 13, 2004
5 Boys & 1 Girl
In Memorium
The Spectacular Six
(Surfer) Sandy, Sailor, Sparky, Sunny & a girl named Sammy
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Tivoliz CPR CRK Surfer Dude
July 13, 2004 - July 21, 2004
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Ch. Tivoliz CPR CRK Hungarian Gold
has become . . . Polo.  Named in honor of the Olympic winning team of his homeland, Polo has already won over the hearts and admiration of his new family and will likely succeed in all he endeavors to do.

Polo graduates from Senior Puppy class and
the agility course contest with the fastest time!
M-BISS Ch. Tivoliz CPR CRK One and Only
DNA #V350802
CHIC #35435
OFA VZ-9914G24F-PI
Thyroid VZ-THY176/24F-PI
Cardiac CA-87/25F/C-PI

Sammy is now known as . . . Hannah.
She is also "fondly" referred to as "Hannah the Handful" and "Holy Hannah"!  Formerly known as a World Class Shoe Chewer and Toilet Paper Decorator, Hannah has been holding her own in the show ring.  After finishing her Championship with her third Major over 17 class bitches, she has taken several Group Placements as well as a Specialty Best of Breed win to finish the 2006 show year as the #11 Vizsla! 

We look forward to her successes in addition to her continual down-wag and face washing.
Tivoliz CPR CRK Leaping Warrior
Sandy has taken on the name . . .
Oszkar.  Oszkar is the man of the family and enjoys the task of caring for his mom, Adrienne, which includes jumping, chewing, hair tasting, ear licking and lots of face kissing.
Ch. Tivoliz CPR CRK Breezin' Up
is learning to answer to . . . Winslow.  A sweet and loving boy, Winslow is fond of all he meets - animals and people alike.  His mantra is, "There is no such thing as a stranger, only friends I haven't yet met."  Like his sister the "Handful," Winslow is a "Wild Man".
Big Sis Kayla & Hannah
Below:  Hannah & Winslow (6 months)
Hannah's growing up!

Hannah is pictured above at 21 months of age after taking a Best of Breed win over a large entry including 13 specials on the Blue & Gray cluster.

At the right, 11 month old Hannah showed the promise of the special she has become, winning Best in Sweepstakes at the CVVC Specialty over 36 competitors.