Tivoliz Patent Pending
*Caine Good Citizen*
*S*T*A*R Puppy

Owners: Brad Chin & Audrey Chin & Deborah Lynn Stern
CHIC too young
OFA   too young
CERF  not yet done
Thyroid  not yet done
DNA Profile  #V534702

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An eager Henna pauses for a brief moment as she contemplates her next course of attack.
Tivoliz Patent Pending, aka "Hennessy" or "Henna," is registered as Tivoliz Patent Pending and she certainly is one of a kind.  She gained quick infamy in her neighborhood and is often referred to as simply, "The Shirlington Vizsla."  Independent, outgoing, and headstrong, Henna is a girl who is always on the go-go-go and believes that in life it is better to ask forgiveness than permission.  She is fast, agile and a little bit of a dare-devil; but when she settles down, there is nothing but love.  Her dad describes her as rough on the outside and "soft and sweet" on the inside.  Henna provides constant amusement and challenges to her adoptive parents, who are learning first hand the difficulties and demands of being smarter than your dog, particularly one that is so mischievous, manipulative and intelligent.

When she teams up with her Daddy Brad, Henna has proven that training is possible and has earned her STAR and CGC certifications.  Next on her day planner: Being a big sister to her little brother Luke.  She most likely will ensure that he'll be licked clean and is well loved.  Henna is a bright light in any room and loves to investigate the woods.  Checking back in the with 'rents . . . is optional.
A pretty girl at 10 months of age.