Ch. Tivoliz CC Lily of Linganore, JH
"Rozie" (aka "The Rozinator")

Owners: Deborah & Scott Richardson & Deborah Lynn Stern
DNA Profile #v410411
CHIC #43504
OFA   vz-10579g29f-pi
Penn Hip (LH/RH)   .38/.38
Thyroid  th264/29f-pi
CERF vz-742
Rozie (f/k/a Grier) is from Siren's second litter and she is filling the paws of her mother . . . and then some.  As a pup, Siren was the "Baby Monster" and, in similar fashion, her daughter Rozie began as the Tiny Terror.  But also like her mother, she is aging into an adoring and pushy-sweet adolescent.
Rozie's manta is "anything you can do I can do better" and she means it. 
Just watch her work in the field and you'll have no doubt. 
Despite her "my way or the highway" attitude, her mother can still keep her in line  . . . .
We are pleased to announce Rozie's First Litter
sired by
Ch. Kizmar Justice For All

Whelped April 30, 2008
2 Boys & 2 Girls

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