Ch. Szizlin Ain't She Captivat'in NA NAJ

Owners: Melissa & Jason Green,
Captivatin Vizslas
DNA #v350841
CHIC #35433
OFA - vz-8896g25f-pi
CERF - vz-642/2006--49
Thyroid - vz-th174/47f-pi
Owe'n & Kayla Puppies
Whelped November 8, 2007
3 Boys & 3 Girls

Kayla is one of a kind and we are extremely flattered to have Owe'n selected as her betrothed.  The namesake of Captivatin Vizslas, Kayla has shared our lives since she was a wild child.  Now tempered with age, her personality still enters the room before she does.  Living in the shadows of her younger sister Hannah, Kayla has done well in her own right with multiple Best of Breed wins, a Specialty Best of Opposite Sex at the Westchester Kennel Club (2005) and an Award of Merit at the Conestoga Specialty (2006).  The pairing of these two adoring vizslas combines nibbles and roos with tremendous longevity and love for life . . .
knock you out!
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Introducing the "K"nock "O"ut Litter
3 Boys & 3 Girls

"Leila" Ali
"George" Foreman
"Cat" Davis
Liz -
Sand Tiger Shark - "Hudson"
"Rocky" Marciano
The "Knock Outs" at Seven Weeks
The Knock Outs have all been adopted and are now known as

Ch. Captivatin She Bee-Stingin' -
Am./Can. Ch. Captivatin's Ain't He A Knock-Ow't -
Rocky (f/k/a George)
Ch. Captivatin KO Curious George -
Georgie (f/k/a Cat)
Captivatin's "KO" Lil Sis Hudson - Hudson
Ch. Captivatin's KO Lucky Charm -
Seamus (f/k/a Frazier)
Captivatin's Italian Stallion NA NAJ NF - Vinnie (
f/k/a Rocky)

Thank you to the families that have given them such loving homes.