More About Owe'n as a Daddy Dog
(updated July, 2012)

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BISS GCh. Tivoliz CC Joint Venture, JH, aka Owe'n, is a collaboration of all the good things in vizsladom and continues to be a "Joint Venture" with many good friends in the breed.  The sole male in Siren's second litter, Owe'n was destined to stay.  His sweet kisses and lip nibbles cinched it!!  Owe'n has set out to prove the saying that "big things come in small packages" and he is well on his way to doing just that.  In only 11 show appearances, 9 of which were Specialties or Supported Entries, Owe'n finished his Championship at a year of age with four major wins.  Since then, he has dabbled in the breed ring on Specialty and Supported Entry occasions and has earned multiple Best in Specialty Show wins as well several Selects, Awards of Merit and Multiple Group Placements.  Now a Veteran, Owe'n has proven himself not only as a Special in the Breed ring but also as a Top Producing Sire in both 2009 and 2011.  His first five litters realized 16 Champions to his credit as well as offspring titled in both the field and the agility arenas.

Thank you to those breeders who have incorporated him into their breeding programs and honoring him with their lovely girls.

Check back for updates on
"O", I am sure he'll have lots of tales to tell!

*Owe'n Wins Best in Sweepstakes at his Conformation Debut*
Five Point Major at the TBVC Supported Entry*
Four Point Major Best of Winners - Gateway Vizsla Club Specialty*
Five Point Major Best of Winners and Opposite over Specials - Maryland Sporting Dog Ass'n
Breeder/Judge Walt Sommerfelt,
Lorac Vizslas*
*Best Junior in Sweepstakes at the CVVC Specialty - Breeder/Judge Sue Gray,
Dirigo Vizslas*
*Best Junior in Sweepstakes at the CVVC Supported Entry - Breeder/Judge Susan Potocik,
Cinnabar Vizslas*
*Owe'n finishes his Championship with a
Four Point Major, Winners Dog - MVVC Specialty*
*Best of Opposite - Vizsla Club of the Carolinas Supported Entry (2006)*
*Award of Merit - ODVC Specialty Show (2006)*
*Best of Breed - Vizsla Club of Metro Atlanta Supported Entry (2007)*
*Award of Merit - CVVC Specialty at GSA shows (2009)*
*Best of Opposite Sex - VCGNY Specialty at GSA shows (2009)*
*First Award of Merit - NNJVC Specialty at Somerset (2009)*
*A Top Producing Sire in 2009*
*First Award of Merit - Vizsla Club of Metro Atlanta Specialty show (2010)*
*Select Dog - MVVC Specialty show (2010)*
*Select Dog/First Award of Merit - Conestoga Vizsla Club Specialty show (2010)*
*Best in Specialty Show - Greater Cleveland Vizsla Club Specialty Show (2011)*
*Best in Specialty Show/Group Two/Best Veteran - Conestoga Vizsla Club Specialty Show (2012)*
Owe'n at 19 months of age
Multiple Best in Specialty Show Winning
GCh. Tivoliz CC Joint Venture, JH ROM*
CHIC #40097
OFA  VZ-10318F24-PI
Penn Hip (LH/RH)   .27/.31
CERF  VZ-640
Thyroid  TH231/23M-PI
DNA Profile  #V408877
Eastern Veterinary Blood Bank
Blood Donor (Active)
Owe'n at 6 1/2 years old
*Pending submission to the VCA
Owe'n's Wonderful Women
Owe'n will be bred *selectively*

The "Little Man" is a Dad!  Now that Owe'n has cleared his health tests, we are flattered that he has been asked to enrich the breeding programs of several reputable breeders.
Check out their litters below.

Owe'n ~ November, 2011