Ch. Szep Krystaly Tiszta CD JH

Owners: Lynn Reinstema & Deborah A. Johnson, Szep Vizslas
DNA Profile #v430453
CHIC v34666
ofa   vz-9389e29f-pi
Thyroid  thy192/42f-pi
CERF   vz-568
vWF  114%
Tiszta is from the Jaeger's "Dirty Dozen" litter and is a do-it-all and does it all quite well.  She earned her Championship with 3 majors, including a Supported Entry win and back-to-back majors to finishe Best of Winneres at the Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club Specialty show defeating 65 vizslas in competition.  A year later, she returned to the CVVC Specialty, this time as an obedience competitor and heeled away with a 193.5 and a FIRST PLACE to finish her Companion Dog title.

Tiszta is a sweet, loving, and exceptional working dog who has made her father quite proud.
Tiszta at 16 Months Old
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