Ch. Szep-N-Tivoliz Puttin' on the Ritz

Owners: Dave Desmarais & Kelly Desmarais & Deborah Lynn Stern
CHIC   pending
OFA   results pending
CERF  VZ-1007
Thyroid  TH422/27M-NOPI
DNA  Profile #v510931
d.o.b  7.14.07
Ch. Szep-N-Tivoliz Puttin' On The Ritz, aka Cooper is the adoring son of the Desmarais household.  Never to replace their beloved Lisa, Cooper takes his job of "velcro vizsla" quite seriously and was quick to fill the void and ease the heartaches left by Lisa's pawprints.  A best friend and constant companion to mom-Kelly, Cooper is still a daddy's boy with ample love to share.  Although Cooper is an Owe'n son by breeding and has the famed tell-tale tail wag, he has grown into the spitting image of his grandfather Jaeger - from his old-style head and easy movement to his classic "I want" and "don't leave me" whine.  Cooper wears many hats: he is the occasional show dog, a tried and true baby sitter (for human and canine alike), and a tolerant older brother to his sweetly domineering sister, Echo.  But no matter what Cooper is up to, he is a classic Vizsla boy; he's just happy to be doing whatever he is doing.

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A Major WIN for Cooper.
Harrisburg, April 2009
21 months old
A tired Cooper is a happy (and photogenic) Cooper!