Ch. Solaris Donna Elvira

Owned and Loved By: Beth Dake-Kirven,
Solaris Vizslas, Abbie Hanson, Rachel Murphy &  Kacie Davis
DNA #v501219
OFA vz-10999E26F-PI
Elvira, fondly referred to as "Ellie," finished quickly amassing four majors before moving on to the Specials ring.  Now residing with Kacie Davis, the two have become an accomplished duo - with several group placements, Juniors wins and most recently, a National Specialty Award of Merit.  Ellie easily adapts to every new environment - new places, new people, new dogs and new counter-tops- making herself right at home.  Sweet by nature and true to the "velcro" reputation of the breed, Ellie is a love sponge.  She works hard to make friends and demands attention - for which she won't take "No" for an answer.  And without missing a beat, and most of all, she'll wiggle her way into anyone's heart. 

Thank you to Beth Dake-Kirven, Solaris Vizslas, for selecting Owe'n as Ellie's heart throb. 
Without a doubt, they will be sweeter than any candy.

Owe'n's & Ellie's "Sweet Tarts"
Whelped February 5, 2010
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Ellie striking a pose
December, 2009
The Sweet Tarts have all been adopted and are now known as

Ch. Solaris Sweet Talkin' Guy - Geordi
Solaris Sweetest Inspirat'n - Gideon
Solaris Hearts A Fire - Cayanne
Solaris Sweet Huckleberry Pie -
Solaris Dulce Caramello - Calhoun
Ch. Solaris Sweet Tart -
Ch. Solaris Steal Your Heart -
Solaris Sweet N Sassy -
Solaris Sweet Bonnie Cronen - Bonnie

I look forward to hearing of their growing up adventures!