Ch. Kyjo's Precious Jewel, JH

Whelped: July 21, 2004
2 Boys & 7 Girls

Breeders: Kyle Miller & Joe Hare, KyJo Vizslas
Jewel was a shining star at quite a young age.  She finished her championship in swift order and garnered two Best Puppy In Shows along the way.  Jewel exudes all the wonderful qualities of a true vizsla - she has bone, type, movement, the quentessential velcro temperment and a strong desire in the field- a reflection on the quality of her breeding.  Not just a pretty face, Jewel is a field fanatic, making her the hunting companion of choice for her owner Joe.  I look forward to all the wonderful possibilities that a Jaeger/Jewel combination brings to the breed.
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Meet TaLulla!
"Tallula still comes to work with me every day and has mastered pointing and retrieving her decoy as well as the sit, paw, down, come and stay commands.  She plays with other dogs almost daily, and gets along well with all.  She sleeps at night with my four year old daughter and they are best buddies."

and her adoring friend Mongrel!
Meet MaX!

Look at all the tricks that Max has learned!
"Max, Sit!"
"Max, Play Dead!"
"Max, Lie Down!"
RilEy JanE

"Riley is doing great.  She is a happy and smart girl.  She has such a fun personality that we adore her.  She is playful and a bit crazy . . . she never stops.  I've never seen a dog so glad to see me even if I just come out of the bathroom."

"We love her!"