Owe'n'S GIRLFRIEND: Timing is Everything
Ch. Szizlin Kizmet Rhapsody in Gold JH CGC

Owners: Michelle S. Porfido & Yelena Kourtei,
Rhapsody Vizslas
DNA #v578356
OFA - vz-9616g26f-nopi

Owe'n & Kira Puppies

The Thankful Handful arrived November 26, 2010.
6 Boys & 1 Girl
Welcome: Hammie, Turk, Pie (Mr. P), Berry, Tator, Bean and the Beautiful Hazel

Kira's Biography is
coming soon!

The Thankful Handful are now known as:

Rhapsody's Time t'Get This Party Started - Hazel
Rhapsody's Time is of The Essence - Gunner
Rhapsody's Divine Timing - Dante
Rhapsody's Perfect Timing - Blaze
Rhapsody's The Times They Are a'Changin' - Asher
Rhapsody's Just In The Nick of Time - Fuego
Rhapsody's Time Stands Still - Gavin

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