Ch. Poquito's Regalpoint Rubi Tiara JH NAJ

Owned and Loved By: Debbie Sullivan,
Regal Point Vizslas, & Melissa Thomas & Deborah Duty
DNA #v583172
OFA  vz-10075g26f-pi
Elbow  vz-el684f26-pi
Thy  th139/16f-pi
Cardiac  ca208/16f/c-pi
Rubi, is the first vizsla in the Sullivan home to carry the "Regal Point" name and she takes that responsibility quite seriously.  Very "Regal" in her ways, Rubi is refined, well-mannered and enjoys being adored and worshipped by her human subjects.  Silly games are just "beneath" her.  Lady-like in the home and seemingly a couch potato but when asked to take on a task, she does it in her own very regal and big way.  Rubi breezed through her championship with three BIG majors, tackled her bird work with intensity, desire and style and recently achieved an agility title with *only* first place finishes.  "Second" is a word not in her vocabulary!

Rubi hails from the "Team Poquito" family, which always exemplifies the versatility of the vizsla.  I'm proud to have Owe'n united with such notable pedigreees and he is up to the task of continuing the versatile tradition in the Regal Point line.

Owe'n's & Rubi's "Twilights"
April 15, 2010

We share in the loss of Baby Bella, the Owe'n/Rubi puppy that did not survive.  Rubi suffered from primary uterine inertia with her singleton daughter.  Fortunately, Rubi is fine but it was a difficult time for all involved. 

We look forward to repeating this breeding with a more positive outcome in late 2010.
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