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Hannah finished the 2008 Show year ranking #13 in Dogs Defeated and #15 in Vizslas Defeated.
Rocky finished the 2008 Show year ranking #11 in Dogs Defeated in Canada.

Thursday, December 18 - Henna and her Dad rocked puppy class graduation. Henna earned her AKC S*T*A*R with a nearly perfect score of 39 out of a possible 40 points!

Sunday, December 14 -
Christmas comes early as Owe'n takes to the Breed ring for the first time since July. Vying for the last purple and gold of the 2008 season against a crowd of beautiful and beautifully presented dogs, Owe'n wagged his way to the Best of Breed win, which was awarded by Judge and fellow Vizsla fancier Carol Brown, Krown Vizslas.

Saturday, December 13 - Tivoliz Dogs Perform at the Lehigh Valley Kennel Club show.
Q continues on in her Q-ness ways for her third and final leg in Novice (B) Obedience to earn her Companion Dog title and Qualifies for her Versatility Certificate.  She will change her name, once again, and will now be known formally as Ch. Tivoliz Now Pay Attention CD SH NA NAJ VC!  One title finishes and  another begins as Big Boy McCoy debuts on the show scene and earns a Winners Dog award.

Saturday, December 6 -
The One and Only "is-she-or-isn't-she" Hannah wins Best of Breed and a Sporting GROUP TWO at the Chambersburg Area Kennel Club show.

Thursday, December 4 -
Q earns her Therapy Dog International ("TDI") Certification, her first step towards teaching kids to read.

Sunday, November 23 - Harlow makes her debut entry in the news pages with a BEST IN MATCH win at the Rock Creek Kennel Club Puppy Match.

Friday, November 21 -
Q makes it a double "Double Q" week with successful "Q's" again, earning legs in Novice (B) Obedience and Rally Novice (A).

Thursday, November 20 -
Q continues to live up to her name and takes her "double Q'ness" to a new venue, qualifying in Novice (B) Obedience and with a FIRST PLACE in Rally Novice (A).

Sunday, November 16 -
Hannah repeats with another Best of Breed win but opts for a fun run in the woods of North Potomac rather than the group performance.

Saturday, November 15
Vizsla Club of the Carolinas Supported Entry - Breeder/Judge Diane Shearer
Hannah wins BEST OF BREED and makes a cut in the Group with her "fill in" handler . . .  ME!
Skoda debuts and is acknowledged with BEST OF OPPOSITE IN SWEEPSTAKES and RESERVE WINNERS Rosettes.

In Agility news,
Rudy returns to the scene of the crime and shows he is not only a fast vizsla but he is also a greedy one.  He and his dad flew around the courses, clocking a FIRST PLACE in Novice Jumpers and a FIRST PLACE in Open Standard to earn two new titles!  Congratulations to Ch. Tivoliz NOW Be Mine OA NAJ!  Huge congratulations to this young boy and his newbie dad on such a tremendous accomplishment.

Friday, November 14 -
The Southern Gents make a day of it at Greater Monroe Agility trial.  Polo grabbed a leg in Open Jumpers with a SECOND PLACE! "Little" brother Rudy grabbed a "little" more with a SECOND PLACE in Novice Jumpers and a FIRST PLACE in Open Standard.  Nice Job Team Norris!

Thursday, November 13 -
Kona is a WINNER at the National Capital Kennel Club show, adding another point to her two-major tally.

Vizsla Club of America National Events
Tuesday, November 11 - Thursday, November 13, 2008

Congratulations to Owe'n's 12 month old son Rocky (Owe'n/Kayla) and his capable owner Ania Kelly on their Best In Junior Showmanship!

Sunday, November 2
- Celebrating his birthday a little early, Seamus (Owe'n/Kayla) knocks out another Best of Breed/Best of Winners win . . . AND HIS CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE at the last day of the Back Mountain Kennel Club show.  Introducing Owe'n's son Champion Captivatin's KO Lucky Charm. Congratulations to his breeder/co-owner Melissa on her first start-to-finish champion and thank you to Judge Karin Ashe for being the one to put him over the top.  But wait, there is a WHOLE LOT MORE.  The Southern Gents made the agility news: Rudy qualified for his first leg in Open Standard with a FIRST PLACE and Polo earned his third leg in Novice Agility Jumpers with a SECOND PLACE to earn his NAJ title.  Lastly, with Polo's latest accomplishement . . .

Erin's offspring qualify her for the Vizsla Club of America's Registry of Merit!

All Saints Day
- St. Francis of Assisi watched over the Knock Outs today as Seamus (Owe'n/Kayla) and his sister Georgie were awarded Best of Breed and Best of Opposite respectively at the Back Mountain Kennel Club show.


HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! - Georgie (Owe'n/Kayla) starts the festivities with a Winners Bitch win at the Bald Eagle Kennel Club show.

Sunday, October 26
Old Dominion Vizsla Club Specialty
Siren wins BEST IN VETERAN SWEEPSTAKES with her favorite escort Alex.

Hannah went for a change of scenery and grabbed a Best of Breed and a GROUP FOUR at the Bronx Count Kennel Club.  Thank you to Breeder/Judge Larry Berg for the nice breed win and Judge JD Jones for the group recognition.

Saturday, October 25
Old Dominion Vizsla Club Supported Entry - Tivoliz Takes the Top Two Honors!
Hannah shines in the rain to win another Supported Entry BEST OF BREED.
Arrow makes a rare appearance and wins a BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX ribbon from a line up of very successful dogs.
Laila (Owe'n/Kayla) earns BEST OF OPPOSITE IN SWEEPSTAKES along with a nice placement in the Bred By Exhibitor class.

Sunday, October 12 -
Dylan (Owe'n/Gabby) wins another Best of Breed from the classes to complete his Championship title at the Two Cities Kennel Club show.  Introducing Champion Adara's Here Comes Dylan.  Congratulations to his breeder Colleen Meacham on her first champion, Erin Pina for her impecable handling and Dylan's most devoted fans, his parents, Bart & Sam.  In other news, Rudy has jumped his way to his Starters Jumpers title with a SECOND PLACE finish - flying through the 35 second course in a mere 20 seconds!

Saturday, October 11 -
Dylan (Owe'n/Gabby) brings home yet another purple ribbon - this time laced with gold for his Best of Breed win adding another point to his tally at the Two Cities Kennel Clow show.  Fourteen points down . . . one . . . more . . . to . . . go!  Rudy Roo qualified for a leg towards his Starters Jumpers earning SECOND PLACE.

Sunday, October 5 -
Dylan (Owe'n/Gabby) does it again, this time going Best of Winners on day two of the Donner Trail Kennel Club show.  Thank you to Erin Pina for her perfect presentation once again.

Saturday, October 4 -
Dylan (Owe'n/Gabby) returns to the ring with a Winners Dog performance at the Donner Trail Kennel Club show.

Sunday, September 28 - Polo swept the weekend at the Agility Mud Bowl with another *Double Q* performance, earning a SECOND PLACE in Jumpers and a FIRST PLACE in Standard to finish his Novice Agility title.  Huge congrats to Janet & Gary on the continuing successes of these "dueling" dogs!  Rock Star Rocky (Owe'n/Kayla) makes a showing today in Canada.  Already a Canadian Champion, Rocky "knocked ow't" another Best of Breed win adding to his undefeated tally and is now ranked as the #9 Vizsla in Canada for 2008!

Saturday, September 27 -
The Southern Gents took their game to the Durham Kennel Club Agility Trial.  Rudy cruised through the Novice Standard Course in 41 seconds with a *PERFECT SCORE* earning FIRST PLACE and his Novice Agility title. Not to be outshined by his "little" brother, Polo *Double Q'd* with a SECOND PLACE in Standard and a FIRST PLACE in Jumpers.

Friday, September 26 -
On day two at Wine Country, it is Baxter's turn for a Best of Winners showing for his second MAJOR WIN!

Thursday, September 25 -
On opening day of the Wine Country circuit, Kona (Owe'n/Ginger) returns to the ring and goes Winners Bitch/Best of Winners for a MAJOR WIN, her second.

Sunday, September 21 -
Knock Out Georgie (Owe'n/Kayla) tested out the ring at the Valley Forge Kennel Club show and brought her knock out punch, going Best of Winners. Legal Eagle Skoda put in an appearance at the Kennel Club of Ann Arundel Match.  Skoda proved to be not only the thinker in the litter but also a show dog in the making, stacking, gaiting and posing his way to a SPORTING GROUP WIN.

Saturday, September 20 -
Legal Eagle Henna & Three's Company's "Uncle" Jack made their debut at the Baltimore County Kennel Club Match.  Henna emerged victorious in the Breed ring and earned a Sporting Group FOUR.  The first battle goes to Henna but the family "war" rages on . . . .

Sunday, September 14 -
Rocky (Owe'n/Kayla) remains undefeated in his five rounds at the Breed level and goes on to a SPORTING GROUP FOUR and another title.  Introducing NEW CANADIAN CHAMPION Rocky!  Congratulations to Rachel and Ania who have accomplished so much with this 10-month-old boy.

Saturday, September 13 -
Rocky (Owe'n/Kayla) goes north of the border and earns Best of Breed, a SPORTING GROUP TWO and becomes a B-PIG - Best Puppy In Group Winner adding four more points to his Canadian tally.

Sunday, September 7
Vizsla Club of Greater New York/Westcheter Kennel Club - Judge Eva Berg
Hannah stands til then end and earns an Award of Merit from a field of nearly 100 competitors.
Q WINS the Field Trial Bitch class and moves on to the final clut in the Breed ring.

Saturday, September 6
Vizsla Club of Northern New Jersey Specialty Show/Somerset Kennel Club - Judge William Taylor
Hannah returns to this prestigeous show in an effort to defend her title and is rewarded with a Best of Opposite Sex ribbon.

Monday, September 1
- Polo and Rudy return to the agility course.  Polo showed everyone how to have fun while Rudy was showing off with a FIRST place in Jumpers, his second qualifing run in two tries!

AUGUST, 2008

Sunday, August 31 - Polo and Rudy also take some laps in a different kind of ring.  The boys and their parents debuted in USDAA Agility with success, Polo placed THIRD in Standard and RuRu brought home a SECOND in Jumpers!

Saturday, August 30 - Hannah does a warm-up lap before the big specialty weekend and earns Best of Breed at the Newton Kennel Club show.  Many thanks to sporting dog breeder and aficionado Judge Marjorie Martorella (Marjetta Kennels) for her continued consistency in rewarding Hannah for her exceptional breed-type and flawless movement.

Sunday, August 24 -
Deja Vous! Hannah repeats as a Best of Breed winner and another GROUP THREE placement on Day 2 of the Mid-Susquehannah KC show.

Saturday, August 23 -
Hannah has a reunion with one of her favorite judges, who rewards his "sweetie" with a Best of Breed and GROUP THREE placement at the Mid-Susquehanna KC show.

Sunday, August 10 -
Hannah takes Best of Breed from a field of lovely specials and nephew Seamus (Owe'n/Kayla) joins her with his Best of Winners win at the Harrisburg Kennel Club.  Rocky makes it a clean sweep with another Best of Breed win and returns to the States after completing half of his Canadian Championship title.

Saturday, August 9 -
Seamus (Owe'n/Kayla) wins another round as Winners Dog & Best of Opposite at the Penn Ridge Kennel Club show adding two more points to his tally.  Brother Rocky knocks out another Best of Breed win for another 2 points towards his Canadian title.

Friday, August 8 -
Rocky (Owe'n/Kayla) takes his game north of the border and is awarded Best of Breed in his first bout in the Canadan rings.

JULY, 2008
Saturday, July 19 - Hannah is awarded another Best of Breed win and is joined in the Winners circle with cousin Seamus (Owe'n/Kayla), who was ready for another round and his third straight victory.  Our most sincere appreciation to Breeder/Judge Britt Jung, Brittania Vizslas, especially for her patience with what we hope will turn out to be a great picture of Baby Seamus!

Sunday, July 13 -
Seamus (Owe'n/Kayla) knocks out another another FOUR-POINT MAJOR at the Grand River Kennel Club show.  Talk about a one-two punch!

Saturday, July 12
Vizsla Club of Greater Cleveland Specialty Show - Its a Captivatin' Collaboration!
Hannah wins her third BEST IN SPECIALTY SHOW and goes on to a GROUP FOUR Placement.
Baby Seamus (Owe'n/Kayla) earns his first points, with a BEST OF WINNERS showing for a FOUR-POINT MAJOR.

Owe'n also makes the news with a Best of Breed win at the Shawnee Kennel Club Show.

Friday, Independence Day
- Hannah holds her own against a field of well credentialed and top winning girls and is selected as the Best of Breed winner by Judge Sam Houston McDonald at the Northeastern Maryland Kennel Club show.

JUNE, 2008
Saturday, June 28
Conestoga Vizsla Club Specialty Show: The Knock Outs take to the Ring.
Laila (Owe'n/Kayla) wins BEST IN SWEEPSTAKES in the feather weight class.  Many thanks to Breeder/Judge Karen Iacobellis, KaraJen Vizslas, for the Majority Decision.
Seamus (Owe'n/Kayla) goes the distance in the regular classes and takes RESERVE WINNERS DOG to a 5-point-major.
Hannah keeps with tradition and earns her fourth consecutive FIRST AWARD OF MERIT at this Specialty event.

Monday, June 23 -
Rocky (Owe'n/Kayla) becomes Owe'n's first to boast his Championship Title by earning his FIFTH MAJOR and yet another Best of Winners at his 8th show at the Five Valley Kennel Club show.  Congratulations to his owner, handler and biggest fan Rachel Romano Kelly, Willo Runn Vizslas, for her beautiful presentation of this "little" dog.

Sunday, June 15 -
Dylan (Owe'n/Gabby) has an encore performance, taking Winners on the second day of the Butte County KC show.

Saturday, June 14 - 
Dylan (Owe'n/Gabby) is a Winner at the Butte County KC show.

Sunday, June 8
Vizsla Club of Northern California Supported Entry
Rocky (Owe'n/Kayla) takes RESERVE WINNERS DOG to a 5-point-major on his 7 month birthday.

Saturday, June 7
Vizsla Club of Northern California Specialty Show
Q is the complete package and wins the Field Trial Bitch Class and earns an AWARD OF MERIT from a field of over 30 Specials.
Dylan (Owe'n/Gabby) is award a huge RESERVE WINNERS DOG from the 9-12 month puppy dog class.
Rocky (Owe'n/Kayla) takes FIRST PLACE in the 6-9 puppy dog class.

Sunday, June 1 -
Q repeats as a Best of Breed winner at the second day of the Reno Kennel Club show.

MAY, 2008

Saturday, May 31 - Q closes out the month earning Best of Breed under Judge Judy Doniere at the Reno Kennel Club Show.

Monday, May 26 -
Hannah has another Best of Breed win in a ring of 5 top winning Specials to close out the month on a high note at the New Castle Kennel Club show.

Sunday, May 25 -
Laila (Owe'n/Kayla) makes her show debut and knocks out a Winners Bitch award over an entry of 9 girls for her first two points at the Trumbell County Kennel Club show.

Saturday, May 17 -
Baxter makes a rare show appearance and is a Winner again at the Mattaponi Kennel Club show.

Sunday, May 11 - Rocky Rocks a Landslide! 
At 6 months and 3 days of age, Rocky (Owe'n/Kayla) earns his fourth conescutive Best of Winners for MAJOR NUMBER FOUR bringing him to 14 points.  Thank you to Judges Jon Cole, Robert Stein, William Bergum & Lester Mapes for their BIG SUPPORT of this little puppy!  And a special thanks to handler Andy Linton for being Rocky's biggest fan.  But wait . . . there's MORE!  Dylan (Owe'n/Gabby) refuses to be upstaged by his brother and takes BEST OF BREED from the classes  by surpassing several specials for a MAJOR WIN of his own!  Congratulations to Bart & Sam and Dylan's best friend and handler Erin Pina for her lovely presentation of Owe'n's first born.

Saturday, May 10 - Rockin' Rocky is on ROLL! 
Rocky (Owe'n/Kayla) & Rachel make it three-for-three, with Best of Winners and yet ANOTHER MAJOR!

Friday, May 9 - Rocky Rocks it Again!
On day two of the Second Cascade Cluster, Rocky (Owe'n/Kayla) repeats as Best of Winners, this time for a THREE POINT MAJOR!  When it rains it pours!  And in those rain showers, Rocky's Auntie Hannah earned a GROUP FOUR placement following a very competitive breed win at the Chester Valley Kennel Club show.

Thursday, May 8 - Rocky Rocks the House! 
Owe'n's & Kayla's "Knock Outs" turn 6-months-old today and they already made the news.  Knock Out Rocky joins his 1/2 siblings Dylan, Kona & Baxter by making his show debut at 6 months of age and walking away with a Best of Winners win for  FOUR POINTS on the Second Cascade Cluster.  Congratulations to owner/handler Rachel Romano-Kelly, Willo Runn Vizslas, for her MAJOR victory today.  Thank you to Judge Jon Cole for Rocky's first points . . . after giving his mother her final championship points several years ago.

Sunday, May 4 -
Holy "Q" Batman!!!  Making her field trial debut as a gun dog, Q hunted, honored, and retrieved her way to WIN the Amateur Gun Dog (retrieving) stake for her first two points and also took home the coveted award of Hunters Gun Dog from a field of 14 contenders.  Making the occasional 2008 appearance, Hannah was selected to represent the vizsla breed in the 800 dog Sporting Group at the prestigious Trenton Kennel Club show upon being awarded Best of Breed.

APRIL, 2008
Sunday, April 27
- Q cruises to another Senior Hunter leg and yet another title.  Introducing New Senior Hunter "Q" - Ch. Tivoliz NOW Pay Attention, SH, NA, NAJ!!!  True to "Q"s "q"ualifying style, she earned every inch of this award and today was no different.  With 5 finds and 2 retrieves, Q's motor was reved, she was ready for action and she was taking no prisoners.  Congratulations to her dedicated owner Susan and many thanks to her trainer, handler and bird-god Steve Artis, Chips Vizslas, for taking "Q" under his wing!

Saturday, April 26
- Q adds another notch to her collar with "Q"ualifying Senior Hunter leg number three.  Hannah also sneeks into the news section with a competitive Best of Breed win under Judge Sam Houston McDonald at the Wilmington Kennel Club show.

Sunday, April 20 -
After a warm up run yesterday, Rudy POWERED through both Novice Agility courses and ran off with FIRST PLACE and Double Qs in both Jumpers and Standard.  Congratulations to Dad Gary for keeping up with Rudy the Red, who is quickly earning the new nickname of Speed Deamon!

Saturday, April 19 -
Polo & Rudy and their respective handlers - Mom Janet and Dad Gary - made their collective agility debut at the DKC Spring trial and jump, weaved and tunneled their way to their first green ribbons, with Polo winning a FIRST PLACE in Novice Standard and his "baby brother" Rudy taking a SECOND. In left coast news, Q's quest continues as she lays down another "Q"ualifying run for her Senior Hunter title.

Sunday, April 13 -
On their home turf of Sacramento, Team Dylan (Owe'n/Gabby) returns to the ring and earns two more points as Winners Dog under Judge Terry Hundt.  Congrats to team members Sam, Bart, Erin & G'ma Colleen on a nice reward for this 9 month old baby!

Saturday, April 5
- After a day of R & R, Cooper (Owe'n/Ginger) makes it three for three, going Winners Dog yet again.  This time, however, his dad, O-Doggie, made an appearance, and earned Best of Breed.  Thank you to noted Sporting Dog officiando Dorothy MacDonald, who was as nice could be.

Thursday, April 3 -
Cooper (Owe'n/Ginger) repeats as Winners Dog on day two of the Pear Blossom Cluster.

Wednesday, April 2 -
Cooper (Owe'n/Ginger) is Winners Dog the first day of the Pear Blossom Cluster.

MARCH, 2008
Monday, March 31 - Earning her Therapy Dog International certification as well as her Canine Good Citizen award, Hannah prepares to "share the love."  How fitting that her "true calling" is one that is legacy of her "family" heritage - Carol Vola, Pat Roach and Gail Roach - each of whom devoted their lives to helping others.  Daddy Pat would be so proud!

Saturday, March 22 -
Tivoliz celebrates bi-coastal.  Owe'n makes a quick appearance at the New Brunswick Kennel Club show and is awarded Best of Breed by Breeder/Judge Britt Jung, Brittania Vizslas, and makes the "short list" in the Sporting Group under Breeder/Judge Dr. Bud McGivern, Jr., Bowcot Kennels.  On the left coast, "Q" continues to live up to her name and QUALIFIES for her first Senior Hunter leg with a "Masterful" performance.  Congrats to her owner Susan and to Steve Artis, Chips Vizslas, for his help in training Q and handling her to this mighty success!

Friday, March 21 -
Hannah still woos Judge McGivern, Bowcot Kennels, who awards her Best of Breed but only after the Doctor had a good nights sleep! 

Saturday, March 15 -
Cooper (Owe'n/Ginger) "Puts It On" in York, going Best of Winners for more points on the Celtic Cluster.

Friday, March 14
- O-Baby Cooper gains "pointed status" by going Winners Dog at the Celtic Cluster and Daddy-Owe'n shares the spotlight with a Best of Opposite award over several important "men" in contention.  Thank you to Judge Jim White for his patience with both of my happy and wiggly "puppies".  And a big THANK YOU to Owe'n, for his assistance with the National Anthem.  Yet another one of Owe'n's many hidden talents; he never ceases to amaze me!

Thursday, March 13 -
Hannah takes Best of Breed on the opening day of the new Celtic Cluster under her most loyal and devoted fan, Judge Nolan Dale.

Sunday, March 9 -
Hannah has a repeat performance winning Best of Breed but was a "no-show" in the Group.  The Gossip Columns are wondering, "What Happened?"  I guess the paparazzi will have to find her another day!

Saturday, March 8 -
Hannah goes golfing at the Hilton Head Island Kennel Club show and makes a birdie on the first hole!  Many thanks to Judge Betsy Horn Humer for Hannah's GROUP TWO placement!

Sunday, March 3
- With a specials entry resembling a Specialty show, Tivoliz dogs take top honors at the Maryland Sporting Dog Ass'n show, with Hannah & Owe'n take Best of Breed & Best of Opposite Sex awards respectifully.


Saturday, February 23 - Its a reunion . . . and a puppy match.  Four of Owe'n's li'l babes made a showing at the Mason & Dixon Kennel Club puppy match and Cooper was the winner of the day.  Thank you to Rich Black for handling Cooper to this win and Rich's own little one, Emma, for handling puppy Seamus in the Best of Breed ring!

Monday, February 18 -
There's an echo in here!  A repeat of Sunday's performance, Q adds another Award of Merit to her repertoire, this time from Breeder/Judge Evenlyn Hilbert.

Sunday, February 17
- Shadowed behind the #1 Vizsla in the Country, Q still shines at the Santa Clara show, walking away with the sole Award of Merit offered.  Go Q and SUE!

Saturday, February 9, 2008
Vizsla Club of Greater New York Specialty Show
Breeder/Judge Dr. Bud McGivern, Jr. (Bowcot Kennels)

As a precursor to the Westminster Kennel Club show with the Best-of-the-Best from around the Country, it was an honor to have Hannah selected to recieve the Best of Opposite Sex award from among such depth of quality of nearly 100 vizslas.

Sunday, February 3 -
Hannah wins Best of Breed at the Mohawk Valley Kennel Club show.

Saturday, February 2 - Owe'n's Baby Baxter is awarded Winners Dog for FIVE BIG ONES at the Conyers Kennel Club of Georgia show.

Friday, February 1 - The color of the day is PURPLEOwe'n takes Best of Breed and shares the podium with his 6-month old daughter Kona, whose debut in the ring earned her Best of Winners & Best of Opposite for a MAJOR WIN at the Shawnee Mountain Kennel Club show.  Sharing the spotlight is Aunt Hannah, who makes her first 2008 appearance at the Glenns Falls Kennel Club show and is awarded Best of Breed.


Sunday, January 27 - Baxter took a warm up lap around the ring at the Catoctin Kennel Club Puppy Match and ran off with a Sporting Group Two!

Saturday, January 26 - Q is the first headliner of 2008.  Q and her mom Susan "stormed" the "Palace" for a Best of Breed win at the prestigious Golden Gate Kennel Club benched show.