What's News in 2010
November 9, 2010

Tivoliz will have a relatively quiet year in 2010.  The occasional show, some hunting test endeavors, some Daddy duties and perhaps our first litter in two years time.


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Sunday, November 7 - Dazzle


Sunday, October 31
Old Dominion Vizsla Club Supported Entry
Skoda takes WINNERS DOG for a FOUR-POINT-MAJOR bringing him to within one point for his Championship title.

Saturday, October 30
Old Dominion Vizsla Club Specialty Show

Sunday, October 24 - Rudy . . . Geordi

Saturday, October 23 - Rudy . . . .
Eight-Month-Old Geordi (Owe'n/Ellie) puts more point son the board going Winners Dog at the Atlanta Kennel Club show.

Sunday, October 17 -
Owe'n's kids make *more* news!  Owe'n's daughter Dream'a repeated her Best of Breed win in Yuba and completed her requirements for her Grand Championship title.  His son Geordi (Owe'n/Ellie) earned a BRED BY EXHIBITOR GROUP FIRST in NC.  And reporting in with *MAJOR* news this week is Laila (Owe'n/Kayla), who was Best of Winners AND Opposite for FOUR POINTS in Howard County!

Saturday, October 16 -
Let's hear it for the O!  Owe'n's daughter Dream'a won Best of Breed in Yuba City and his son Geordi, the sole class Vizslas earned *another* PUPPY GROUP FIRST in Wilmington, NC!

Sunday, October 3 -
Rudy double Q'd at the DKC Agility trial earning a SECOND PLACE in both Excellent Standard and Excellent Jumpers and earning 54 points on the weekend!
Saturday, October 2 -
Rudy qualified in Excllent Standard with a FIRST PLACE
Friday, October 1 -
Rudy qualified in Excellent Fast with a FIRST PLACE and New Title at the Durham Kennel Club Agility Trial.


Monday, September 24 - Friday, October 1
Vizsla Club of America National Events
Q qualifies in Excellent Standard (20") with a FIRST PLACE and NEW TITLE
Rudy qualifies in Excellent Standard (24") with a THIRD PLACE
Polo qualifies in Novice Fast

Q, the sole obedience representative for Tivoliz Vizslas, qualifies in RA with a 199 and earns a THIRD PLACE!


Teller wins FIRST PLACE (of 20) in 6-9 Bitch Sweeps
Candi (Owe'n/Ellie) earns FIRST PLACE (of 20) in 6-9 Bitches and SECOND PLACE in 6-9 Bitch Sweeps
Siren earns a THIRD PLACE (of 14) in 8-10 Veteran Sweeps
Skoda WINS the Bred By Exhibitor Class (of 20) for the second consecutive year.
Rocky (Owe'n/Kayla) and his owner/handler Ania Kelly win Best in Juniorshowmanship!

Friday, September 24 -
Rudy Roo and his co-pilot Gary completed Day 1 at the WAG trial and earned a Q with a FOURTH PLACE performance in Excellent Jumpers.

Thursday, September 23 -
Tivoliz Family Members: Owe'n, Harlow, McCoy, Q, Jack, Kona and Baxter as well as Owe'n's kids Rocky and Dream'a have all been invited to participate in the Eukanuba event this year.

Wednesday, September 22 -
McCoy becomes a first time dad.  Congratulations to Sandra Smith (Rosewood Vizslas) on whelping Apple's "Orchard" of FIVE BOYS and FOUR GIRLS.

Sunday, September 19 -
Q switches it up for another winning day, this time in the Breed ring.  The Sweet Tarts (Owe'n/Ellie) repeat their performance in North Carolina with Geordi takes another Best of Winners and Dazzle joining his as Winners Bitch.

Saturday, September 18 -
What a day for Owe'n's kids. The Sweet Tarts take the points in North Carolina.  Geordi earns Best of Winners, Best Puppy and a PUPPY GROUP FIRST while his sister Dazzle takes Winners in bitches.  In Prescott, Az, Owe'n's daughter Dream'a wins a HUGE Best of Breed followng the Specialty forth Grand Champion major, and now needs only a handful of singles to finish her title.  And Tivoliz girl Q returns to agility and a SECOND PLACE qualifying run in Excellent Standard.

Friday, September 17 -
Alphabet Guru Q switches gears yet again, this time turning to agility and qualified with a FIRST PLACE in Excellent Jumpers to finish her AXJ title.  She is now BISS GCh Tivoliz NOW Pay Attention CD RN MH OA AXJ, whew.  That's a mouthful!

Sunday, September 12
Vizsla Club of Greater New York Specialty Show
Teller leaves her paw print early, with a Best in Sweepstakes (Bitch) on her debut weekend.
Siren, her Granddam, shared the spotlight with a Best in Veteran Sweeps (Bitch) from among a crowd of spectacular cougars.

Monday, September 6 -
McCoy finishes out his laps around the park with another Best of Breed win and undefeated at the Breed level.  His cousin Rocky (Owe'n/Kayla) puts in a one-day appearance in New Jersey and grabs a Breed win of his own.  Rudy Roo finishes out the weekend with a THIRD PLACE in Excellent Standard.

Sunday, September 5 -
McCoy repeats as a Best of Breed winner to earn his sixth Grand Champion major to finish his title and returns to the Group ring in the afternoon to accept his first GROUP PLACEMENT!  Continued thanks to Sarah Barr for being a part of McCoy's history.  Rudy Roo earned a THIRD PLACE in Excellent Jumpers.

Saturday, September 4 -
McCoy takes a break from his day job of couch potato and checks out the events at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, bringing home the purple and gold Best of Breed ribbon under the guiding lead of Sarah Barr for a Four Point Grand Champion Major.  Thank you Sarah for twirling Coy around the rings this weekend.  His Auntie Q also reports in from California.  After earning her BISS in July and her GCh in August, Q switches gears to the field for her first appearance in September to earn her final two Master passes to finish her title.  Proudly introducing BISS GCh Tivoliz NOW Pay Attention CD RN MH OA OAJ VC! Congratulations to Susan for achieving another monumental goal with Q and many thanks to Steve Artis for training and handling Q to this latest accomplishment. W-O-W!  And keeping success in the Love Bug family, Rudy grabs his seventh DOUBLE Q to add to his MACH quest tally.

AUGUST, 2010
Tuesday, August 31 - Today I celebrate the life - the THIRTEEN YEARS - of my JaegerBaby.  This anniversary of his birth is one I never thought we'd share together.  As we've mourned the passing of many great vizslas in these past few weeks, I am reminded to treasure every day with him.  Happy Birthday to my boy, my first: Ch. Banker's Special Brew MH ROM.  I LOVE YOU!

Sunday, August 29 -
Owe'n's "Sweet" daughter Candi (Owe'n/Ellie) placed Reserve Winners and yet still earned FOUR POINT MAJOR . . . or did she?  Time will tell but what a wonderful placement from among an entry of 18 bitches! 

Saturday, August 28 -
Owe'n's 6-month-old son Gordi (Owe'n/Ellie) grabs major headlines, Best of Winners  and a FIVE POINT MAJOR in Atlanta.  What a proud moment for papa Owe'n and many congrats to his breeders/owners/handlers for the recognition of this young boy.  A little older, a little wise and a little more practiced, Owe'n's son Rocky (Owe'n/Kayla) shows his 1/2 brother how its the big boys do it by winning Best of Breed in Middleburg, PA.

Sunday, August 22 -
The Sweet Tarts (Owe'n/Ellie) mix it up today but still in the family, this time with littermate Dazzle taking the Best of Winners points at the Carolina Kennel Club show II.

Saturday, August 21
- The Sweet Tarts (Owe'n/Ellie) have a family debut in the show ring at the Carolina Kennel Club show I and bring home SUCCESS! Candi earns her first point as Best of Winners with sister Julep nipping at her heels with reserve and brother Gordi taking a reserve of his own along with Best Puppy and a PUPPY GROUP FOUR!  And what a Dream(a) from the West Coast.  In Reno, Dream'a (Owe'n/Briseis) returns to the breed ring in her first showing since July and wins a GROUP FOUR along with her Best of Breed award.

Sunday, August 15 -
Q detours from the show ring and tears up the field.  With four finds and two retrieves to hand, Q earns another qualifying pass toward her Master Hunter title.  Three down and two more to go . . . .

Sunday, August 8 -
Congratulations to Team Q!  With her Best of Opposite award, Q earns her Grand Champion title at the Richmond Dog Fanciers Club show II.

Saturday, August 7 -
BISS McCoy makes a one-day appearance in Salem and earns Best of Breed for his Fourth Grand Champion Five Point Major in as many shows.  Thank you to Kevin and Alycia for letting me borrow Coy for this two week adventure!  In California news, BISS Q earns another Best of Breed and a Five Point Grand Champion major of her own at the Richmond Dog Fanciers Club show I.

Thursday, August 5 -
Rocky (Owe'n/Kayla) earns Best of Breed at the James River Kennel Club show and completes the retirements for his Grand Championship.  Congratulations to Team Rocky!

JULY, 2010

Saturday, July 31
Vizsla Club of the Carolinas Specialty Show II - Judge Carl Leipman
Proudly introducing Best in Specialty Show winning Ch. Tivoliz Pursuit of Justice JH ("McCoy").  Against multiple vizslas representing the top ten in the breed, McCoy earned the top honors, a cut in an extremely strong Sporting group, and the hearts of the crowd.  His sister Harlow debuted in the specials ring and shared the poduium with an Award of Merit.  Owe'n's son Rocky was similarly recognized with an Award of Merit and another son Wrigley earned Reserve Winners Dog.

Friday, July 30 -
After being the "almost" dog in yesterday's specialty, Wrigley grabs his first major for Four Points going Best of Winners at the Hendersonville Kennel Club show. Rocky (Owe'n/Kayla) was Best of Opposite and inched FIVE POINTS closer to his Grand Champion title.

Thursday, July 29
Vizsla Club of the Carolinas Specialty Show I - Judge Robert Vandiver
In his breakout performans as a Special, McCoy is awarded Best of Opposite Sex to earn a Grand Champion FIVE POINT MAJOR.  His sister Harlow completes her Championship title entirely at Specialties by earning a Best of Winners/Best Bred By for her fourth major.  Grandma Siren twirled around the ring and recieved Best in Veteran Sweepstakes and  Best Veteran in Specialty . . . which included lots of treats and a new dog bed.  And Owe'n was represented by his son Rocky, who recieved an Award of Merit.

Sunday, July 18 -
Team Q has more successes today at the Del Monte Kennel Club show, winning BEST OF BREED at the LCVC Supported Entry and garnering a GROUP TWO placement.  And more from California, Whiskey (Owe'n/Briseis) earned another leg in his hunting test pursuits to become a New Junior Hunter, Owe'n's first offspring to title in the field.

Saturday, July 17
Lone Cypress Vizsla Club Specialty Show - Judge Roger Hartinger
Four years after her Best of Winners/Best Puppy in Show debut, Q returns to the LCVC Specialty to take BEST OF BREED followed up with a SPORTING GROUP FIRST!  Q can now add a "BISS" to her never ending list of successes.  Huge congratulations to her dedicated owner, Susan Sibley, for giving Q so many amazing opportunities.

At the Greater Cleveland Vizsla Club Specialty show,
Skoda was Reserve Winners, his third specialty to recieve this award.  He's knocking on the door . . . .

Saturday, July 10 -
Owe'n takes over where Rocky left off to earn another Best of Breed win for the weekend.

Friday, July 9 -
Rocky (Owe'n/Kayla) made his one-day appearance on the Independence Cluster count - with a lovely Best of Breed win to earn a Grand Champion FIVE POINT MAJOR!

Thursday, July 8 -
Owe'n starts the Independence Cluster with a Best of Breed award.

Sunday, July 4th and Saturday July 3 -
Southern Gent Rudy Roo Double Q'd times TWO!  Running in a class of nearly 40 24" dogs, Rudy earned a FOURTH PLACE in his Excellent Standard run and changes his name yet again by completing both his Master titles.  He is now Ch. Tivoliz NOW Be Mine MX MXJ OF SJ SG AD.  His older brother Polo had success of his own and qualified in Novice Fast.

Saturday, July 3 -
Conestoga Vizsla Club Specialty Show - Judge Walt Sommerfelt, Lorac Vizslas
In her first show ring appearance since retiring at the Garden, Hannah returned to the ring and "graduated" from her tradition Conestoga AOM to earn Best of Opposite Sex and a Grand Champion FIVE POINT MAJOROwe'n earned the First Award of Merit and his second Specialty Select in as many shows to finish his title.  He is now GCh. Tivoliz CC Joint Venture JH ROMHarlow continues her audition for the "27 Dresses" sequel with another bridesmaid's performance and Reserve Winners award.  Last, but not least, Siren performed as the Graddam she is proud to be the sole participant in the class represented by her son Owe'n and grandson Rocky.  Many thanks to the judge for allowing the extra lap around the ring - the dogs LOVED it!

JUNE, 2010
Sunday, June 27 -
Rocky (Owe'n/Kayla) repeats his VKC show Best of Breed success earning him another GCh. Four Point Major.

Saturday, June 26 -
Rocky (Owe'n/Kayla) warms up his show routine at the Virginia Kennel Club show with a Best of Breed win for a Grand Champion Four Point Major and a GROUP FOUR placement.  Congratulations to owners Rachel and Ania for their collective handing of this lovely boy.

Friday, June 18 -
Miami Valley Vizsla Club Specialty Show - Judge Judy Goodin
Spectaular Success.  McCoy returned to the ring and walked away with BEST OF WINNERS and another FIVE POINT MAJOR.  Proudly introducing NEW CHAMPION McCoy, who finished with Four Majors and Three Specialty wins.  Harlow was the pageants "Runner Up" with her Reserve Winners, showing beautifully on her new bling.  Siren strutted her nine-year-old stuff, flying around the ring to a FIRST PLACE in Veteran Bitch from among a group of six worthy contenders and Owe'n was SELECTED for his third Grand Champion FIVE POINT MAJOR over 8 others vieing for the rosette. Thank you to Sarah and Lauren for presenting Coy and Rennie in the Best of Breed ring!

Sunday, June 13 -
Owe'n wins Best of Breed at the Skyline Kennel Club show for his third Grand Champion MAJOR. At the VCNC Supported Entry, the girls WOOF IT UP the last day of Woofstock for GCh. FIVE POINT MAJORS with Q being awarded Best of Opposite and Dream'a (Owe'n/Briseis) being Selected.

Saturday, June 12 -
At the Vizsla Club of Northern California Specialty Show, Dream'a (Owe'n/Briseis) teams up with Erin Pina for a Best of Opposite Award and her second GCh. Five Point award.

Friday, June 11 -
Dream'a (Owe'n/Briseis) returns to the ring after a 10-month hiatus to earn Best of Opposite and a Five Point GCh. Major.

Thursday, June 10 -
Q is "Selected" on the first day of Woofstock for a GCh. Four Point Major.

Sunday, June 6 - Q debuts in Excellent Standard with yet another qualifying placement.

Saturday, June 5 -
Following another Best of Breed award, Owe'n walked out of the Group ring as a Multiple Group Placer.  Thank you to breeders Britt Jung, Brittania Vizslas, and Dr. Bud McGivern, Bowcot Vizslas, for being a part of Owe'n's "history."  And Q is back at her "Q'ing" ways again, this time in the agility ring with a SECOND PLACE Open Standard for yet another new title and a FOURTH PLACE in Excellent Jumpers.

MAY, 2010
Monday, May 31 - Memorial Day became Memorable as Owe'n and his son Rocky (Owe'n/Kayla) were both recognized with GROUP PLACEMENTSOwe'n grabbed another Grand Champion FIVE POINT MAJOR at the Trumbell County Kennel Club while Rocky won on day two of the Glouster Kennel Club of Virginia.  Thank you Melissa for escorting Owe'n in the Breed ring, which launched him to this memorable moment.

The Southern Gents also made the agility news: Agility Guru
Rudy Roo was FIRST PLACE in Standard Starters (for a new title), FIRST PLACE in Starters Relay and a SECOND PLACE for his first adventure into Snooker.  After this weekend, Rudy is now an "AD Dog!"  Brother Polo Pup grabbed a Q of his own and a THIRD PLACE in Starters Snooker!

Sunday, May 30 -
In search of his Grand Champion title, Owe'n takes a lovely Best of Breed win for a Grand Champion FIVE POINT MAJOR on day two of the New Castle Kennel Club show.  Owe'n's son Rocky (Owe'n/Kayla) is *selected* for Grand Championship points of his own at the Glouster Kennel Club of Virginia show.

Saturday, May 29 -
Knock Out Georgie (Owe'n/Kayla) refuses to be one-upped by her sister, and takes Winners and a MAJOR of her own at the New Castle Kennel Club show.

Friday, May 28 -
Knock Out Laila (Owe'n/Kayla) takes Best of Winners for her first MAJOR at the Trumbell County Kennel Club show.

Saturday, May 22 -
Wrigley (Owe'n/Ginger) wiggles his way onto the scoreboard as he grabbed his first WINNERS ribbon at the Mattaponi Kennel Club show.

Sunday, May 16
- McCoy McROCKS in the field and works his way to his fourth and final qualifying leg for his JUNIOR HUNTER TITLEIntroducing Tivoliz Pursuit of Justice JH!  Congratulations to Kevin and Alycia who have done such a great job training this dog and many thanks for allowing me to "exhibit" him in this venue.

Saturday, May 15 - Georgie (Owe'n/Kayla) returns to day two of the Chester Valley Kennel Club show and repeats her Winners Bitch performance.  Three-month-old Geordi (Owe'n/Ellie) takes his cute self for a spin around the ring at the Forsythe Kennel Club Puppy Match and trots out with a Sporting Group FIRST!

Friday, May 14 - Georgie (Owe'n/Kayla) knocks out another championship point by going Winners Bitch at the Chester Valley Kennel Club show.

Sunday, May 2
- Team Rudy Roo and his owner Gary close out the Spring AKC Season in *PERFECT* form with three FIRST PLACE ribbons - EXA Fast, Excellent Standard, and Excellent Jumpers - and adds to his Double Q tally!

Saturday, May 1 -
Rudy Roo continues on in agile fashion to earn a FIRST PLACE in EXA Fast and a SECOND PLACE in Excellent Standard.

APRIL, 2010
Sunday, April 25 -  Rudy Roo adds to his MXJ tally with a FOURTH PLACE qualifying run!  Congratulations to Roo Roo and Gary on such wonderful weekend successes!

Saturday, April 24 -
Rudy Roo makes it Two for TWO Double Qs!  Another great day for Team Rudy, and a SECOND PLACE in Excellent Jumpers,

Friday, April 23 - 
Rudy Roo and a Double Q!  Rudy rocks out in Excellent Standard and Excellent Jumpers with two THIRD PLACE runs along with a FIRST PLACE in Open Fast and his OF title

Sunday, April 18 -
Rudy Roo grabs another leg in Starter Gamblers with a FIRST PLACE and NEW TITLEQ continues to Q in Master and is now two-legged.

Vizsla Club of Metro Atlanta Specialty Show
Owe'n - First Award of Merit
Siren - Best in Veteran Sweepstakes (Bitch)
Skoda - Best Bred By and Reserve Winners Dog

Saturday, April 17 -
Legal Eagle Skoda finds Perry, Georgia, "just peachy" and grabs his second FIVE POINT MAJOR by going Winner Dog at the Atlanta Kennel Club.  The Love Bugs are also Spring headliners.  Rudy rocks the agility ring at the USDAA trail where the color of the day is RED for SECOND PLACE in Starter Gamblers, Starter Pairs and Master Jumpers.  And Q Q's for her FIRST MASTER HUNTER leg!

Sunday, April 11
- McCoy McDoesit Again!  Showing he is far more than "a pretty face" Coy grabs two more legs towards his Junior Hunter title.

Saturday, April 10 - McCoy McEarns his first Junior Hunter Pass!  Congratulations to his owner/trainer/handler Kevin on doing a great job with this boy. 

MARCH, 2010
Saturday, March 20 - 
The Southern Gents SPRING into action as an agility warm up and Rudy Qs in Excellent Standard with a THIRD place while his brother Polo entertained the cheering fans with his stylish run in Jumpers. Whiskey (Owe'n/Briseis) has new dreams, goals and aspirations, this time with birds on his mind and is well on his way to accomplishing the same at the GSPC of Northern Sacramento Val hunt test,  where he qualifies for a junior hunter leg and his first ORANGE ribbon.

Tuesday, February 16
Westminster Kennel Club at Madison Square Garden
Hannah retires from regular competition with a very special Award of Merit at this prestigious event.  Thank you to her family, friends and fans who have supported her over the years.  She certainly is a "One and Only"!

Saturday, February 13 -
Owe'n is proud to introduce his second champion in a weeks time.  Owe'n's son Renegade (Owe'n/Briseis) earned his THIRD MAJOR at the Plum Creek Kennel Club show to grab his title.  Congratulations to his teenage owner, Lena, who handled him to all his points.  Introducing New Champion Red Diamond Renegade Dreamer!

Friday, February 12 & Saturday, February 13

Vizsla Club of Greater New York Specialty Show
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club Specialty Show

As Hannah winds down her Specials career, Hannah shows that she is still at the top of her game.  Handled by her always impeccably dressed owner Melissa, 'Nanners earned Best of Opposite honors on Friday at the CVVC Specialty and was recognized with the First Award of Merit at the VCGNY Specialty the following day.

Friday, February 5 -
After celebrating his fatherhood to nine Sweet-Tarts in the morning, Owe'n continued his parental pride in hearing that his son Bowie (Owe'n/Briseis) slam-dunked his Championship by taking Best of Winners at the Rio Salado Vizsla Club Supported Entry - a FIVE-POINT-MAJOR play!  Continuing on with the double header later in the day, Bowie brought his A-game to the Rio Salado Vizsla Club Specialty Show and solidified his MVP status as he walked away with the BEST of BREED award. Joining him on the podium of the All-Star show was litter brother Renegade (Owe'n/Briseis) as Best of Winners with a FIVE-POINT-MAJOR of his own and Siren's daughter Q, as Best of Opposite Sex. Introducing BEST IN SPECIALTY SHOW WINNING and New Champion Red Diamond Dare to Dream.  Congratulations to Team Red Diamond for starting the 2010 season right where 2009 left off.